The Outer Worlds Celia Robbins Quest Guide

Celia Robbins Quest Guide

Celia Robbins Location
She can be found at Sanjar’s office in Stellar Bay.

Celia Robbins Related Quests

  1. The Grimm Tomorrow
  2. Flowers for Sebastian

1. The Grimm Tomorrow Walkthrough

Speak with Grimm when you first land at the Stellar Bay Landing Pad and offer to help him to gain this quest. Find Celia Robbins in Sanjar’s office, and ask her about the poster. She will say you must talk to Velma, and warns you that her patience is thin. You’ll get 5000xp.

Talk to Velma Ballard at the warehouse, and she will say that she got a better offer from Nell from the betting house. Velma has not given the poster to Nell yet, and it’s locked in her office until she receives payment. You’ll get 5200xp and can ask further about the situation. Asking to work out a deal brings three options: Intimidate (50), persuade (30) and Bribe for 834 bits. Persuade her, and she will say to help with Braxton (The Secret People quest) and then you can talk. Note that you can steal the poster from the bin in her office if you want.

You can head over the Left Field Tossball betting and talk to Nell about it You can lie (55) to her to get her to give up on the poster, or ask if you could trade. She will reveal that she lost a jersey shipment, so she would be willing to part with the poster if you get the jerseys for her.

You can come back to Velma after completing The Secret People and Persuade (20) to obtain the Signed Tossball Poster and 5200xp.

Return to Grimm at the landing pad area and give him the poster. You’ll receive 14000xp, 625 Bit Cartridge, Pro Tossball Blocker and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation.

2. Flowers for Sebastian Walkthrough

You will obtain this quest by walking into Sanjar’s office in Stellar Bay, Monarch, and asking Celia Robbins about her conversation. She will reveal she is buying lots of unnecessary materials from a vendor just to get to speak to him. Offer to ask him out on her behalf to begin the quest.


Go out the back door and you can find Sebastian Adams leaning on a wall in the courtyard. You can tell her that Celia likes him, but he will think she just wants a discount. You can Persuade (30) or bribe him for 838 bits. Sebastian will say once his shift ends they can go somewhere nice, you’ll get 6750xp. Or you can Lie (20) to him and tell him business is moving into own, and you’ll gain 6750 XP and he’ll go out with her.

Before you go, ask Sebastian about Mr. Pickett, and you’ll learn Sebastian gave him directions to see a large Mantiqueen. Ask where and Sebastian will ask you to check on Mr. Pickett, granting you the task Mr. Pickett’s Biggest Game.

Return to Celia with the good news, and you’ll get 16000xp, 375 Bit Cartridge and Monarch Stellar Industries reputation.

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