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The Outer Worlds Edna Ingmire Quest Guide

Edna Ingmire Quest Guide

Edna Ingmire Location
She can be found in the engineering section of the Groundbreaker

Edna Ingmire Related Quests
The Silent Voices

The Silent Voices Walkthrough

Speak with Edna Ingmire on the Groundbreaker after completing the quest Happiness is a Warm Spaceship and offer to help her to receive this quest.

Travel to Relay GB-23 with your ship and defeat the robots there. You can Hack (45) the terminal to put robots into charging, and if you read the nearby manual this will become Hack (30). Kill them while they are charging for easy XP. Watch out for mines!

Loot the Keycard from the corpse (there’s a unique weapon, Silencer on the body of Frey) and use it on the terminal to activate the Relay. Then head back to Edna on the Groundbreaker to receive 18,500 XP, 1,500 Bit Cartridges and Reputation with Groundbreaker.

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