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The Outer Worlds Elijah Quest Guide

Elijah Quest Guide

Elijah Location
He can be found loitering in the alley behind The Yacht Club at Stellar Bay

Elijah Related Quests
The Stainless Steel Rat

The Stainless Steel Rat Walkthrough

Go near the large building on the bottom center of the Stellar Bay map, and you will find Talmadge Kerr, who will be shouting someone has been killed inside the apartments. Go into the building to unlock the quest The Stainless Steel Rat.

You can examine the apartment and note a Hastily-Packed Suitcase, as well as a Tossball Betting Slip. This will give you 5625xp and update the objectives.

Head over to Left Field Tossball Betting, that is located northwest in town, and talk to Nell. Ask her about it and she will reveal the victim is named Isaac, and that Elijah and other grunts were pushing him around. They can be found loitering in the alley behind The Yacht Club. You’ll get 5625xp and your quest will update.

Make your way around and take a narrow alley to find Elijah and his group of thugs. You can accuse him of the murder outright, and he’ll say Isaac had it coming, and you have no proof (You can find proof in a bin at the docks. In the bin is a Broken Tossball Stick with a purple tooth stuck in and Elijah’s name on it).

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You can Intimidate (55), try to leave, or if you have the Broken Tossball Stick then you can use that top bypass the first Intimidate (55) check. They will attack you if you leave. If you pass the first intimidation check, a second one (35) will appear. Pass it and you’ll get 5600xp for forcing them to leave the town.

Make your way to Sanjar Nandi at his office and inform him of what has transpired. You’ll get a further 5625xp, and 15000xp for completing the quest. You’ll also get Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation for running them out of town, and 625 Bit Cartridge. You’ll get the same reward for killing them.

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