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The Outer Worlds Emerald Vale Community Center Quest Guide

Emerald Vale Community Center Quest Guide

Emerald Vale Community Center is one of the Locations in The Outer Worlds. Emerald Vale Commuity Center is an abandoned facility just north of Edgewater. Players will come here looking for a guide book for Thomas Kemp, and medicine for Edgewater residents.. Locations are defined by their individual and varied biomes spread around the Halcyon System. Planets and other celestial figures house the inhabitable regions in The Outer Worlds.

The Frightened Engineer Walkthrough

You can obtain this quest by talking to Thomas Kemp near the Workbench at the Botanical Labs location in Emerald Vale. Thomas will reveal that he is an incompetent engineer. You have a chance to use your Engineering skill if it is high for some XP, and pressing him further will trigger the request for the books.

You can learn from him of the locations that he knows of: One in the Community Center nearby, one in Edgewater.

Head to the Edgewater cannery and go to the second floor, you can pick up Guide to Mechanical Engineering: Volume 2.

Head to Emerald Vale Community Center, and defeat the Marauder enemies guarding the area. You can then go inside and face against a few Marauder enemies that have killed workers and residents and moved in. There’s plenty to be looted and hacked within the Community Center, so go through each room. You can also inspect the 1st floor exhibition to read about the Fauna of the planet. Left from the entrance, you can come around the barred doors by doing a loop that eventually leads you to the medical room. Pick up Experimental Anthrocillin to gain 3000 XP and update The Long Tomorrow quest. Then head right from the entrance and up the stairs to pick up Guide to Mechanical Engineering: Volume 1.

Head to the Geothermal Power Plant. There’s a terminal near the entrance with several files purged, but it mentions the last guide book, saying it has been moved to the Repair Bay. Once you reach the Repair Bay you’ll find a note saying that it’s in the Pit. You’ll end up finding Guide to Mechanical Engineering: Volume 3 right next to Higgins on 1F of the Power Plant, picking it up gives 2000xp.

You’ll gain Deserters Reputation and 300 Bit Cartridges for giving him the first volume. Deserters Reputation and 500 Bit Cartridges for the second. And, 8750 XP, Deserters Reputation and Eltro-Charged Surface.

The Long Tomorrow Quest Guide

Speak with Martin Abernathy in Edgewater to receive this Quest. As soon as you exit his residence, you will be confronted by Esther Blaine who will ask you to sell her the medicine instead, citing that Abernathy is a known hypochondriac. If you pass a persuade (10) check, Esther will say that she wants the medicine to treat the sick people in town, who cannot be treated due to lack of medicine and red tape.

You can find the Experimental Anhtrocillin in the Emerald Vale Community Center inside the medical area. You’ll need the Medical Bay key to get in there, which can be found on one of the Marauders. Once you obtain it you can give it to Esther or Martin.

Give Medicine to Martin
If you give it to Martin you and pass a Medicine (5) check, he will tell you he doesn’t know what a hypochondriac is. Give him the Anhtrocillin and you’ll gain 3500 XP, Spacer’s Choice Reputation and 500 Bit Cartridges. You can then Persuade (5) or Intimidate (5) him to give you an additional 300 Bit Cartridges.

Give Medicine to Esther
If you give it to Esther, you will receive 7000XP, Spacer’s Choice Reputation up, 700 Bit Cartridge. You can intimidate to get some more bits or charm to get another 300 Bit Cartridge. Esther will also tell you who she’s giving the medicine to: Silas, Amelia Kim from the canteen, and “anybody in the Sickroom”. You can go talk to Rosemary Kwan there, and persuade her to take the medicine from Esther.

Give Medicine to Constable Reyes
Alternatively, if you give it to Constable Reyes, you will receive 2250xp, The Board Reputation increase, and 500 Bit Cartridge. However, she will not distribute the medicine amongst Edgewater citizens for she will confiscate it and claim that it is illegal contraband.

Post-hand-in Pickpocketing
You can pickpocket the medicine after turning it in, and go to the other people to get Bit Cartridge rewards (but no reputation or xp)

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