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The Outer Worlds Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Quest Guide

The majority of side quests in The Outer Worlds are simple. Speak with an NPC, follow the objectives, done. Make sure when you are attempting a specific quest, that it is selected in your journal. You can only track one quest at a time, so you want to ensure you’re chasing the correct markers.

Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Quest Guide

Kept Secret But Not Forgotten is one of the Main Quests in The Outer Worlds. Main Quests are those that must be completed in order to advance the main story and progress the game.

Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Objectives

Travel to The Hope
Land your ship in one of the Hope’s docking bays.

Repower The Hope’s Skip Drive
Reroute power from your ship to the Hope’s auxiliary power supply

Patch ADA into the Hope’s Communications Systems.
ADA will make sure the ship can be skipped safely.

Skip the Hope
Use the main control console to decide where to send The Hope.

Return to Phineas Welles’s Lab
With the Hope now orbiting Terra 2, return to Phineas’ Lab to speak about the next steps.
Phineas sent you a transmission screaming about “corporate PIGS”
You found Phineas’ Lab was ransacked, Search his lab for additional info.
Phineas’s computer is locked, search the area for the passcode
Phineas mentioned that something important could be found in a secret compartment in his room. You should retrieve it.
Phineas’s computer is locked, search the area for the passcode

Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Walkthrough

You’ll gain this quest automatically after the completion of The City and the Stars or the Foundation quest.

Regardless of who you are working for you will now need to travel to The Hope. Once there ADA will tell you that you need to patch her into the Hope’s Communication Systems and you’ll need to reroute power to the Hope’s Skip Drive. You’ll get 41000xp

Once you’ve boarded The Hope, head right and locate the terminal there. This will reroute power to the Hope’s Skip Drive. Ahead is Quincy Duncan, speak with him. If you have completed Foundation he’ll tell you that there is a message from Sophia Akande ahead. He’ll also tell you the automechanicals think they are intruders and are attacking. You can ask him for an ID Cartridge, but you’ll have to Lie (50), Intimidate (80), Persuade (50) to get him to unlock the door on the left-hand side behind him. Inside you’ll find a UDL Identity Cartridge.

Head into the restricted area, and visit the terminal through a door on the left to get some lore about the Hope. Forward through the next door and then another door on the right is another terminal that will tell you about how the Skip Drive failed The Hope and they were running out of food to make it to Halcyon. There is also a UDL Identity Cartridge on the shelf if you need it. Across the way is another terminal in a room with a locked door (75) that has a transcript of people having sex on board the ship.

Head into the next room where the terminal is and use it to learn about the amount of people in stasis. Head through the door on the left and defeat the automechanicals there. Then use the terminal to patch ADA into the comm systems. Use the other terminal to get some more information about what happened to The Hope. Then head across the hall through the locked door (50). If you looted the Hope Bridge Keycard from the dead soldier then you won’t need to pick it.

There is an elevator on the right here and another locked door (50) on the other side of the room. Inside is a Mega Sprat and some smaller Sprats. Defeat them and loot the containers, and read the log for some chilling information. Then head up the elevator. Once up the elevator, head right and defeat the automechanicals. Here you’ll find a terminal in the crew quarters that tells you the last days of the Hope’s crew, and another one that tells you one of the crew started waking colonists to eat them because they were starving. Proceeding past this point will fail the quest Foundation if you have not completed it.

When you reach the ship’s computer and you can read about what happened to the Hope’s crew. Patch ADA through the Hope’s computer system and decide where to Skip The Hope. It is advised you save here so that you can do multiple endings. You can take over the Skip yourself and you will die granting the Trophy/Achievement Sunburn. Or you can take it to Tartarus if you’ve completed Foundation, and to Terra 2 if you’ve completed The City and the Stars.

Terra 2 Destination
If you Skip The Hope to Terra 2 you will gain the Trophy/Achievement Lost and Found. Head back to the Unreliable and travel to Phineas’ Lab. Phineas will contact you on the ship and he’ll let you know he’s under attack from The Board. Fight your way through the Corporate Troops and use the terminal to update the quest that you need to search the area for his passcode, which can be looted from the dead Cystypig next to his terminal (Phineas’ Terminal Passcode)

You can read about Phineas on the terminal and he will mention a hidden panel with a package for you. Head into his living quarters. You’ll find the Unique Weapon: Phin’s Phorce and the panel which contains a Tartarus Navkey. This will complete the quest and begin Brave New World.

Tartarus Destination
If you Skip The Hope to Tartarus, you will need to head back to the Unreliable. Once onboard Chairman Rockwell will contact you and tell you that Phineas has taken Sophia hostage and freed the prisoners on Tartarus. This will conclude this quest and begin Brave New World.

Your choices during this quest affect the Endings.

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