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The Outer Worlds Leader of the Pack Build

Leader of the Pack Build

As Arya Stark once quoted, “The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” This build focuses on utilizing your companions and keeping them safe to the best of your abilities. To achieve that, we’ll primarily focus on our Leadership skills. Let’s get to it:

  • Attributes: x3 Intelligence, x3 Charm
  • Skills: Leadership, Dialogue, Inspiration, Determination
  • Tier 1 Perks: Toughness, Slow the World, Precision, All for One
  • Tier 2 Perks: Pack of Pack Mules, Rolling Thunder, Tag Team, We Band of Brothers
  • Tier 3 Perks: Don’t Go Dyin’ on Me, Last Stand

For Attributes, you need to go with Intelligence and Charm in order to have companions’ abilities as early as possible. The reason for starting with these Attributes is to affect different Skills that directly improve the effectiveness of companions in the game.

Coming to Skills, Inspiration should allow your companions to deal increased damage and survive for as long as possible. To better ensure the survivability of your companions, you should go with Determination. This skill should also allow you to have increased Critical Hit Damage alongside survivability. As for Dialogue, it’s completely optional and you’re free to go with something else if you want.

When it comes to Perks, almost all of them will help your companions to dish out an insane amount of damage, have shorter cooldowns, and survive for as long as they possibly can. You don’t really have to accept Flaws unless you really want to invest in a Perk that you like.

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