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The Outer Worlds Maverick Johnston Quest Guide

Maverick Johnston Quest Guide

Maverick Johnston is a Byzantium film producer.

Maverick Johnston Location
He can be found at Prosperity Plaza in the city of Byzantium

Maverick Johnston Related Quests
At Central

At Central Walkthrough

Accept Maverick Johnston’s offer when he speaks to you on the street of Prosperity Plaza in Byzantium.

Head to Odeon Pictures near the Bureau of Exploration in Byzantium, and take the elevator up. Use the intercom on the wall and speak to Maverick Johnston. He’ll tell you that the other actors have real weapons and you’ll gain 9000 XP and the quest will update.

Head inside the now open door and speak with the Actor. You can Lie (40) and tell him the crates are just decoys to gain some XP. If you have Intelligence and Science (65) you can tell him what he says is scientifically impossible for ??

Keep speaking to him and you can use Science (40) to gain more XP. You can tell him to try you, which he won’t and the scene will end. Or you can attack and kill everyone for some extra XP with no ramifications. Either way you’ll gain 9000 XP and Maverick will want to speak to you. Speak with Maverick to gain a further 9000 XP and 1,125 Bit Cartridges.

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