The Outer Worlds Monarch Quest Guide

The majority of side quests in The Outer Worlds are simple. Speak with an NPC, follow the objectives, done. Make sure when you are attempting a specific quest, that it is selected in your journal. You can only track one quest at a time, so you want to ensure you’re chasing the correct markers.

Monarch Quest Guide

A Family Matter

You need to find Tucker Needham in Amber Heights which is a settlement that houses the Iconoclasts on Monarch. It is claimed by his mother that he will be there in case he has survived his travels.

Once you find Tucker, you will have to convince him to come home to his mother in Stellar Bay. Upon completing this quest you will get 15000xp, 625 Bit Cartridge and an increase in Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation.

Herrick’s Handiwork

For this quest you will have to make Velma negotiate who is the person responsible for managing the Stellar Bay Warehouse. Some things you need to know which are that Caleb will need to come back to work if the stash of Bits that he lives off of goes missing.

You can find proof that Velma skims money from the Warehouse accounts to use as leverage in order to make Velma negotiate. She will mention her office terminal when you confront her about skimming money. You will find evidence of her skimming money form the terminal from the financial data which shows that money has been going into her personal account.


You will then let Caleb know that Velma will negotiate when you have convinced her to and then Caleb and his team can come back to work when you let him know. You will get 15000xp for completing the quest along with 625 Bit Cartridge and an increase in Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation.

Passion Pills

For this quest you will have to go to MSI dispensary and get Nyoka’s Medicine, she’ll need “steroid-or-caffeine-something.” The problem is that she has fulfilled her month’s quota so it is a little issue. You will need to get to Dr. Williams terminal which is upstairs so that you can change the allotments. You can get the key from Abigail because she claims to have it.

It would feel like the medicine is in a supply room of which Abigail has the key. You can search Dr. William’s Body as well who was the in charge of Stellar’s Bay’s medical allotments and is not currently buried in a graveyard which is in the rouns south of town.

You will go to the terminal and increase Nyoka’s allotment and now Abigail can get you an extra dose of Caffenoid. You will go back to Nyoka with her Caffenoid. You will get 28000xp, 1200 Bit Cartirdge as reward and an option to choose Nyoka as your companion.


The Grimm Tomorrow

You have to check with Celia to get started. She works in the MSI building with Sanjar Nandi. It is expected that she has information about the status of Grimm’s poster. Then you will have to speak will Velma by going to the warehouse.


You can get the Grimm’s Tossball poster from her because she is responsible for all the SubLight’s incoming shipments. But she is saving it for Nell who has already offered her to buy it. Nell runs a betting  parlor in Stellar Bay so she has locked the poster in her office.

You will have to convince Nell to give the poster and she’ll agree if you agree to finding her Tossball jerseys lost shipment which is present near Amber Heights.

Once you get the poster you will have to get it back to Grimm at the landing pad. You will get 14000xp, 625 Bit Cartridge, Pro Tossball Blocker and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation as reward.

The Secret People

In this quest you will start by going to Braxtron’s Apartment because he hasn’t been to work for some days and Velma has to work for extra shifts. You will have to go there and get him back to saltuna fishery.


By searching his house you will come to know that he had to make a delivery to the South of Stellar Bay to a house. You might find clues of his whereabouts from there. Then Edgar will invite you to stay for dinner and the people there will claim to have no knowledge of a guy named Braxton.

But you will find a corpse in the room on the Third floor which will have no head so immediate identification is difficult but you can check the corpse for I.D.


Then you will have to get out of the house because the corpse was most probably of Braxton who had been butchered and the people there were cannibals.

You have the option to kill the Mather family there. After that you have to come back to Velma at the Fishery and tell her what happened to Braxton.

You will get 15000xp, 625 Bit Cartridge and an increase in Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation.

The Stainless Steel Rat

When you get to the large building which is in the south of the Stellar Bay map and there you will see Talmadge Kerr shouting that someone has been murdered inside the apartment.


You will have to go up to the apartment and see what happened to the victim. It would not be easy to deduce what happened to the victim. But there will be a betting slip there from Left Field Tossball Betting. Also, there will be a suitcase full of clothes by the door.

Then you will leave for investigating Left Field Tossball Betting because of the slip you found. People there might have some knowledge about he victim. The name of Elijah and his Gang will come up because it is claimed by Nell that they killed Isaac. They are present in the Yacht Club when they are not doing deliveries to the Bays.

Then you will let Sanjar know about Isaac’s Murder after you deal with Elijah and his gang by going to the MSI Headquarter.

You will get 15000xp, 625 Bit Cartridge along with increase in Monarch Stellar Industries reputation.


Little Memento

You will ask you to investigate an outpost by Ash. After finding the outpost you will come to know that it is empty and there are no mercenaries here. But you can find clues about their whereabouts there.


Then you will have to find the mercenaries who you believe to have fled to a waterfall nearby. You need the keepsake box from them which most probably they still have.

You will see that the mercenaries have become a victim to the Monarch Wilderness. One of them will have the box that you need to get and return back to Ash and get your reward. You will get 15000xp and 875 Bit Cartridge from this quest.

Slaughterhouse Clive

You will have to go to Clive Lumbergh’s office which is in the C&P Boarst Factory and make him stay out of SubLight’s way. You also have the option to look around in the factory to find way to sabotage Clive’s operations. You will be suggested by Catherine to search the cystypig food supply, canning machine or the financial records.

You also have the option to make Catherine work with Clive by convincing her when you go back to her Fallbrook. The rewards include 28000xp, 2188 Bit Cartridge, Oxi-Comp Aromatic, SubLight Contractor Helm, SubLight Salvage and an increase in Shipping Reputation.

A Cysty-Dance with Death

You will have to confront Clive and convince him to give you permission to murder Catherine Malin which you can do easily by sneaking up to her and you will get 1200XP.


After it’s done you need to talk to Clive and get 28000 XP and max Positive Reputation with C&P Boarst Factory.

Other rewards include 1,125 Bit Cartridges and the Unique Weapon: Clive’s Cleaver and if you talk to Clive about the cans of Boarst that are present on the table in the next room then you will get another 625 Bit Cartridges.

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