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The Outer Worlds Monarch Stellar Industries Quest Guide

Monarch Stellar Industries Quest Guide

Once a loyal Board-owned corporation, Monarch Stellar Industries split off to become their own private entity under the leadership of Sanjar Nandi. Espousing worker-centric right and democratic ideals, Sanjar seeks to bring his own brand of freedoms to the rest of Halcyon.

Reputation Bonus

Status Positive Reputation Negative Reputation Effects
Neutral 0% – 29% 0% – 29% None
Nervous +80% +80% None
Agreeable 30% – 49% 0% – 29% Vendor prices -5%
Tolerant +80% 50% – 79% Vendor prices -5%
Friendly 50% – 79% 0% – 29% Vendor prices -15%
Understanding +80% 30% – 49% Vendor prices -15%
Revering +80% 0% – 29% Vendor prices -25%
Agitated 50% – 79% +80% Vendor prices +10%
Bitter 30% – 49% 50% – 79% Vendor prices +10%
Repulsed 0% – 29% +80% Vendor prices +50% – They will attack on sight.
  • Celia Robbins
  • Grimm
  • Sanjar Nandi
  • Caleb Herrick
  • Nell
  • Agnes Needham
  • Abigail Edwards
  • Velma Ballard
  • Tucker Needham
  1. A Family Matter
  2. Herrick’s Handiwork
  3. The Grimm Tomorrow
  4. The Secret People
  5. The Stainless Steel Rat
  6. BOLT with His Name
  7. Errors Unseen
  8. Flowers for Sebastian
  9. Mr. Pickett’s Biggest Game

1. A Family Matter Walkthrough

You can begin this quest by talking to Agnes Needham in Stellar Bay, Monarch. Agnes is by the town’s south-east exit, visibly shaken and calling for help. Hear her out and offer to find her son to being the quest.

Head South from Stellar Bay and follow the east road. It will take you to Amber Heights. Upon entering, you will meet Rose, and you can ask her about the Iconoclasts, the faction that leads the town. She will tell you that their town is a community, and there are no jobs, no corporation and no paychecks involved. You can ask about the leaders, Graham and Zora. You can also ask abut Tucker, and she will point you to a nearby structure. There’s a vending machine nearby and Bronson, the quartermaster, who will give you the task Odd Jobs.

Head up the hill and go into a residence on the left to meet Tucker Needham. Introduce yourself, and then you can mention your surprise that this grown man is the “little boy” that ran away. You’ll earn 7500xp

Explain to him that she made it sound as if he was a boy in danger, and he’ll say she has been overprotective all her life, and he is ready to live his life without her protection. You can persuade (55) or intimidate (55) to expedite things and get him to go back, or you can ask him what he wants to do about it. The last option will have him tell you to report that he is dead. You can express your concern about what that will do to Agnes, and then either ask for something that would prove a body, or reject the proposition.

If you persuade him to go back, you’ll get 7500xp and can return to Stellar Bay to see things play out. You’ll find his mother is still condescending to him, and you can help him by saying he’s a grown man. You’ll get 7500xp. If you stick around and talk to them some more you’ll see Tucker is standing up for himself. You’ll receive 625 Bit Cartridge, Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation and 15000xp. If you tell Agnes he is dead and give him the proof you’ll gain the same amount of XP and Bits but won’t get the Reputation.

2. Herrick’s Handiwork Walkthrough

You can meet Caleb Herrick at the second floor of The Yacht’s Club in Stellar Bay, Monarch. He will give you 1x Glacier Water and invite you to celebrate with them. They are on strike due to poor working conditions, and would like you to mediate a resolution with Velma. Accept to begin the quest, then ask him about how he is managing to learn about his bit stash, and possible blackmail.

Velma Ballard can be found at the warehouse, the large building in the middle of Stellar Bay. Talk to her and ask about Braxton to get the quest The Secret People.

You can find Velma’s terminal on the 2nd floor and use Hack (55) to access her files. You will learn she has been siphoning money from her operating budget into a personal account. Her office also has a lockbox that contains Signed Tossball Poster, that you need for The Grimm Tomorrow – but you can get this item without stealing it by doing Braxon’s quest for Velma. If you need the key for it you can Pickpocket Velma.

Go back to Velma and confront her, but she will say she has earned it by working twice as much as everyone else. You can intimidate (20) or mention that Caleb says the same thing. She will agree to give Caleb a rise. You’ll get 11,250xp

Return to Herrick and tell him he’s getting his raise, you’ll get 11250xp for the step at 15000xp for completing the quest. You’ll also get 625 Bit Cartridge and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation up.

If you kill Velma you will Botch the quest and it cannot be completed.

3. The Grimm Tomorrow Walkthrough

Speak with Grimm when you first land at the Stellar Bay Landing Pad and offer to help him to gain this quest. Find Celia Robbins in Sanjar’s office, and ask her about the poster. She will say you must talk to Velma, and warns you that her patience is thin. You’ll get 5000xp.

Talk to Velma Ballard at the warehouse, and she will say that she got a better offer from Nell from the betting house. Velma has not given the poster to Nell yet, and it’s locked in her office until she receives payment. You’ll get 5200xp and can ask further about the situation. Asking to work out a deal brings three options: Intimidate (50), persuade (30) and Bribe for 834 bits. Persuade her, and she will say to help with Braxton (The Secret People quest) and then you can talk. Note that you can steal the poster from the bin in her office if you want.

You can head over the Left Field Tossball betting and talk to Nell about it You can lie (55) to her to get her to give up on the poster, or ask if you could trade. She will reveal that she lost a jersey shipment, so she would be willing to part with the poster if you get the jerseys for her.

You can come back to Velma after completing The Secret People and Persuade (20) to obtain the Signed Tossball Poster and 5200xp.

Return to Grimm at the landing pad area and give him the poster. You’ll receive 14000xp, 625 Bit Cartridge, Pro Tossball Blocker and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation.

4. The Secret People Walkthrough

You will get this quest by talking to Velma Ballard at the warehouse in Stellar Bay, Monarch. She will mention Braxton has been skipping work and is likely using drugs, and ask you to look into it. Accept to begin the quest.

Head to the apartments on the southern portion of Stellar Bay and go to the second floor. You’ll meet Laura, and you can ask her about Braxton. She will initially deny any knowledge then say that she’s after his stash. She will reveal that he’s delivering to a family that has fallen sick in a house in the ruins south of the town. Alternatively you can read an “Out for Deliveries” note to the left of Laura. You’ll get 4500xp and an updated objective.

Leave Monarch and head south toward a bridge. You’ll have to fight several Raptidon in this area. Eventually you’ll come by a house with some nice plants on the front, this is Mather Residence. Head inside, and you’ll discover this 3-floor building is inhabited by many. You’ll first meet Edgar Mather, who will welcome you in and invite you to join for dinner if you accept his hospitality without mentioning Braxton. Nearby, Levi Mather and Martha Mather can also be talked to. If you mention Braxton, none of them know him. Upstairs, you can meet Lizzie Mather, who will ask you if you have “Rocket Candies”. You can lie (1) and she will mention someone else used to bring the candies. Apparently Martha and Edgar got into an argument with Braxton over the deliveries.

You can also read Levi Mather’s Poetry Journal in his room for some insight. On the third floor, there’s a locked door that can be opened with Mather House Key (pickpocketed or looted from Edgar) or lockpicked. Open this door to find a headless corpse within, which has been dismembered and likely prepared for “dinner”. Loot the body to obtain Braxton Hecht’s Work ID, Supper Time and obtain 4500xp.

Head downstairs and Edgar will stop you, realizing you are aware of the truth. You can Lie (35) that you’ll send more meals his way, resolving the conflict for 4500xp. Alternatively you can intiate combat or be rude to them, and kill them all for 4500xp. Your companions will likely approve of killing them.

You can also unlock the 2F door to exit the house without ever having to talk to Edgar.

Once you’re out, you can head back to Velma to report your findings, but while you’re here, you are near an objective for BOLT with His Name so check on it first if you haven’t done so yet.

Return to Velma and giver her Braxton Hecht’s Work ID, you’ll get 4500xp for the step and 15000xp for the quest, 625 Bit Cartridge and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation.

Now that you’ve completed this quest, you can Persuade (20) Velma to give you the poster for The Grimm Tomorrow.

5. The Stainless Steel Rat Walkthrough

Go near the large building on the bottom center of the Stellar Bay map, and you will find Talmadge Kerr, who will be shouting someone has been killed inside the apartments. Go into the building to unlock the quest The Stainless Steel Rat.

You can examine the apartment and note a Hastily-Packed Suitcase, as well as a Tossball Betting Slip. This will give you 5625xp and update the objectives.

Head over to Left Field Tossball Betting, that is located northwest in town, and talk to Nell. Ask her about it and she will reveal the victim is named Isaac, and that Elijah and other grunts were pushing him around. They can be found loitering in the alley behind The Yacht Club. You’ll get 5625xp and your quest will update.

Make your way around and take a narrow alley to find Elijah and his group of thugs. You can accuse him of the murder outright, and he’ll say Isaac had it coming, and you have no proof (You can find proof in a bin at the docks. In the bin is a Broken Tossball Stick with a purple tooth stuck in and Elijah’s name on it). You can Intimidate (55), try to leave, or if you have the Broken Tossball Stick then you can use that top bypass the first Intimidate (55) check. They will attack you if you leave. If you pass the first intimidation check, a second one (35) will appear. Pass it and you’ll get 5600xp for forcing them to leave the town.

Make your way to Sanjar Nandi at his office and inform him of what has transpired. You’ll get a further 5625xp, and 15000xp for completing the quest. You’ll also get Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation for running them out of town, and 625 Bit Cartridge. You’ll get the same reward for killing them.

6. BOLT with His Name Walkthrough

Speak to Sanjar Nandi, at Stellar Bay in Monarch to begin this quest. Sanjar will confide that the 10 years of isolation have been hard on Monarch, and they want to get back into the mainstream. He will reveal a plan to get MSI back into the board. Ask him about it and he’ll share details of his two-phase plan that begins with proper defenses for the planet. You can also learn more about the planet, that used to be called Terra 1, and the reform that Sanjar and MSI tried to achieve to give more humane working conditions for everyone within.

Head out into Monarch Wilderness and make your way to the objective building by a large bridge. There’s a Raptidon Behemoth here, and you can loot an Iconoclast corpse for ARMS Building Key and Leaded Armor.

Go inside the ARMS building and you can loot several items including Purpleberry Liqueur, Stogie Slims, Adreno, Spectrum Vodka and Light Ammo by a terminal. Read the report within to learn that Sanjar is bad with jingles and slogans, and instead includes numbers and statistics in his report. In addition, he completes work instead of delegating it – not a desired trait for promotion. You can use Hack (20) to read the files of Graham Bryant, who is apparently “subversive”. Lastly there’s Dora Erickson, who is recommended for the promotion thanks to her delegation skills. It is now obvious why Sanjar wants you to delete the terminal contents – do it or not it’s your call! (5625xp for deleting)

Go upstairs and approach a locked door, someone will talk to you via intercom. This is Huxley who is stuck and needs help unlocking the door. This gives you 5625xp. Say you want into the room as well and Hux will comment that his friend had a key. This is the key you picked up earlier, but you can use this time to ask some questions about the Iconoclasts.

You can also ask Huxley to open the door from inside, it takes Perception, or Engineering (35), Intimidate (55) or Persuade (55). The door will open and Huxley will come out and you’ll get Iconoclasts reputation. You can ask her for a reward, and obtain some Iconoclast reputation. Inside the room, loot Mag-Pick, Ammo and Bit Cartridge and the BOLT-52 Cartridge.

Return to Sanjar and tell him you saw the review. He will mention he even gave a kidney to the company in order to improve his chances of being promoted. You can encourage him for the part he plays now.

Give him the BOLT-52 and you’ll get 5625 and 15000xp , MSI Elite Helmet, 3000 Bit Cartridge and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation. He reveals the plan is to blackmail The Board into letting them back to the table. Sanjar will reveal he believes another corporation is operating illegally within Monarch, granting you the quest Errors Unseen. He will tell you Catherine is likely supplying them from Fallbrook. He wants you to infiltrate the secret facility and bring back evidence – be it an item or staff.

7. Errors Unseen Walkthrough

Talk to Sanjar after completing BOLT with His Name. He reveals the plan is to blackmail The Board into letting them back to the table. Sanjar will reveal he believes another corporation is operating illegally within Monarch, granting you the quest Errors Unseen. He will tell you Catherine is likely supplying them from Fallbrook. He wants you to infiltrate the secret facility and bring back evidence – be it an item or staff.

Head to Fallbrook, south of Stellar Bay, and talk to Catherine Malin. She will say “maybe” one of her teams were hired for a drop-off and have gone missing, and offer to pay you handsomely if you find them. You can also get this information by pickpocketing her keycard and using her terminal.

Head north from Fallbrook and you will find the Drop-off point along the road. The road is a dead end – there will be two Mantiqueen and several Mantisaur on the way. You’ll meet Weston Sloan by the broken bridge heading north. The drop point is on the lower level under the broken bridge – this unlocks the location “Blown Bridge”. Inspect the loader to gain 5625xp and then follow the trace of blood west toward the Smuggler Tunnel.

Within the tunnel, beware of several electric traps and mines, and make your way to Arthur. You can use medical (40) to have a look at his wounds, and some Sublight Salvage & Shipping reputation. You can then ask him what happened, or reveal Catherine told you to come. He will say there ambushed by Marauders, who seemed to know where the meeting would take place. He’ll tell you which way they went, and you can get 5625xp for this step.

The Marauders headed West from this location, up a hill past some Mantisaur and Mantiswarm. You will arrive at UDL Lab location. The Marauders have a group of scientists rounded up, and promptly kill them. Defeat the Marauder and Canid enemies. Inside the building, several more Marauders await alongside their Ringleader. You can pick up UDL Lab Weapons Terminal Keycard from a table on the second floor, where you kill the ringleader. Access the terminal on the other room of the second floor and transfer files to external tape to bring evidence of UDL’s Lorem Ipsum project. Gain 5625xp and UDL Research Data quest item.

You can bring the UDL Lab Weapons Terminal Key Card to the 1st floor and interact with a terminal. You can unlock the weapon they have been developing with Hack (55) or answer: Protect the Chairman, answer: Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman’s honor, answer: Arrest your spouse and admit your children to a reeducation program. You can now pick up Gloop Gun, a Science Weapon part of the Weapons From the Void Quest.

Go northwest and you’ll come to a closed Gate. Unlock it with the nearby terminal to make access easier in the future. Go North toward Stellar Bay and you’ll come across a Marauder Camp. Kill them and then talk to Lenora Talley, who is a prisoner here. This will unlock her as a vendor near Fallbrook.

Return to Stellar Bay and talk to Sanjar Nandi at his office. Ask him what the reformations are, and he will reveal he is planning to reformat The Board, but slowly and from within. Nyoka expresses concern about what will happen to Amber Heights and Fallbrook.

If you give Sanjar the data, the quest will complete, giving you 15000xp, 2188 Bit Cartridge, MSI Elite Armor and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation.

Return to Catherine Malin at Fallbrook and tell her about Arthur in the cave – you’ll get SunLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation.

8. Flowers for Sebastian Walkthrough

You will obtain this quest by walking into Sanjar’s office in Stellar Bay, Monarch, and asking Celia Robbins about her conversation. She will reveal she is buying lots of unnecessary materials from a vendor just to get to speak to him. Offer to ask him out on her behalf to begin the quest.

Go out the back door and you can find Sebastian Adams leaning on a wall in the courtyard. You can tell her that Celia likes him, but he will think she just wants a discount. You can Persuade (30) or bribe him for 838 bits. Sebastian will say once his shift ends they can go somewhere nice, you’ll get 6750xp. Or you can Lie (20) to him and tell him business is moving into own, and you’ll gain 6750 XP and he’ll go out with her.

Before you go, ask Sebastian about Mr. Pickett, and you’ll learn Sebastian gave him directions to see a large Mantiqueen. Ask where and Sebastian will ask you to check on Mr. Pickett, granting you the task Mr. Pickett’s Biggest Game.

Return to Celia with the good news, and you’ll get 16000xp, 375 Bit Cartridge and Monarch Stellar Industries reputation.

9. Mr. Pickett’s Biggest Game Walkthrough

Talk to Sebastian Adams in the courtyard behind Sanjar’s office in Stellar Bay, Monarch. You come here for the “Flowers for Sebastian” task, and can learn about his sales and ask Sebastian about Mr. Pickett. You’ll learn Sebastian gave him directions to see a large Mantiqueen. Ask where and Sebastian will ask you to check on Mr. Pickett, granting you the task Mr. Pickett’s Biggest Game.

Go South from Stellar Bay’s South Ruins exit and past Amber Heights to find an area with Mantisaur enemies before arriving at Fallbrook. There’s a sleeping Mantiqueen that you must defeat and loot to obtain Mr. Pickett’s Journal. This will give you 6725xp and update your quest to return to Sebastian. Just north of this location, you can find a Mega Raptidon, and defeat it to unlock the trophy The Harder They Fall. Investigate past the mega enemy and you’ll find a cave with Elroy Booth. Talk to him, and he’ll leave the cave later.

Return to Sebastian at Stellar Bay, and give him Mr. Picket’s Journal back. You’ll gain Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation and 6750xp,

Completing the quest grants 9000xp and 375 Bit Cartridge.

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