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The Outer Worlds Porter Quest Guide

Porter Quest Guide

Porter is an NPC in The Outer Worlds. NPCs are not able to be controlled by the player, but interacted with and are often a part of Quests within the game. Some will play a larger role than others, and some can even be recruited as Companions.

Porter Location
He can be found at the Covert Lab in Roseway

Porter Related Quests
The Doom That Came to Roseway

The Doom That Came to Roseway Walkthrough

This quest is obtained by talking to Gladys at the Groundbreaker and accepting her “opportunity” to uncover corporate secrets during “Passage to Anywhere”. This gives you the Distress Call item and begins the quest The Distress Signal.

Listen to the Distress Call at the Unreliable by having ADA play it. You’ll see a man desperate for help claiming they are under attack. You will also receive navigation to get to Roseway, which you need to do for several quests.

After landing at Roseway Landing Pad, you’ll make your way through a desolate street and enter Roseway proper. Here you will meet Berke, a tarmac guard. He says Anton Crane is in charge, and that somehow Raptidons got loose and attacked the town.

Make sure to pick up side quests in Roseway before heading out
Head to Roseway Communications Room and you can meet Anton Crane, who sent the distress call. He reveals that his work might not be entirely legal, so corporate cannot know of what has happened. You can intimidate (25) to get him to tell you what is going on. He’s tasked with formulating new and improved dental gel, and they accidentally discovered an appetite suppresant. He claims a group of malcontents attacked them, freed the Raptidons and stole his research. You will get 3300xp for agreeint to help, and obtain Anton’s Lab Keycard and Anton’s Pass Code.

He will also mention you should not kill the Raptidon mother, and that the old lab has Jameson, his protege. Agree to find him and you’ll obtain the quest By His Bootstraps.

Before you leave Roseway, go into the Auntie Cleo apartments area and talk to Vaughn Cortes. Accept his request for aid to start the quest The Amateur Alchemist

Head out of Roseway to the southeastern part of the map and enter the Covert Lab. You will meet Porter, who is in charge of security and gives you a summary of the situation. You can persuade (45) Porter to give you access to his office, via Porter’s Office Keycard. As you explore the area, you’ll come to Anton’s Office and his safe, only to found that the research has been taken by the Outlaws. (3333xp).

Gas Canisters (Keep Raptidons Alive)
You should pick up Sedative Gas Canister inside a small office on the bottom right of the map if you want to keep the Raptidons alive. There’s also a terminal and a box that contains Inferno Scythe, or you may pick up a Heavy Machine Gun in this room. The next canister is in Vaughn’s Lab, which you should visit for The Amateur Alchemist. The third and final Gas Canister is located to the right of the ladder leading to the Raptidon Incubation chamber, on the left of the map. Sneak inside to install the gas canisters (go right from the entrance), then sneak to the opposite side to activate the ventilation system

You can either kill the Raptidons and gain about 800 XP for each + 4000 XP once finished, or use gas to put them to sleep (3333xp)

Meet Cassandra O’Malley
If you go toward the middle of the map you’ll meet outlaw leader, Cassandra O’Malley – she is trapped inside a room and ready to negotiate for her life. She needs a keycard to get out of the room and then you’ll either have to talk Porter into letting her go, or make safe passage for her to take the Vents out. If you decide to help her escape she says will give your Anton’s Data and the quest will update “find an escape route”. You can persuade (30) her to have her people stand down. She will then ask you to clear a path and says she will pay you once she is clear.

If you help her, go back to Porter and use Persuade (45) to tell him they are standing down. You can tell him that you’ll put in a good work for him and he’ll pull out, you’ll gain Covert Lab Security Keycard and 3333xp

If you let Cassandra Live
Talk to her after opening the door and Lie (30), Intimidate (51) or Persuade (21) to get her to give you the research (2000xp). Tell her you didn’t save her for free and obtain 1200 Bit Cartridge. You can Persuade or Intimidate (both 31) to get her to give you a further 625 Bit Cartridge.

Go out via the exit door and you’ll meet Lillian. Talk to her and she will mention that she lost a special cigarette case inside. Tell her you’ll help and you’ll get the Journey Into Smoke quest.

If you kill Cassandra
If you kill her you’ll gain 400 XP and you’ll have eliminated the Outlaws and the quest will update. You can loot Auntie Cleo’s Research Data from her corpse which is needed for The Distress Signal quest. Additionally, if you take the lift up and speak with Porter he’ll tell you the fighting has ceased since the Outlaw leader died.

Note on killing Cassandra
It is possible to get the Research Data from Cassandra, the bits for rescuing her, and then killing her anyway during the same conversation. Choose to attack her after she has given you the bits, and the quest log will not list any botched/failed steps.

Return to Anton
If you return to Anton Crane after resolving the lab peacefully, him and Porter will be arguing about it. You can give him the research data for massive Auntie Cleo Reputation Up, 3755 Bit Cartridge, 23000xp and Researcher’s Scrubs. He will further reward you with Auntie Cleo reputation if you didn’t kill the Raptidons.

You can also pick to bring this research to the Groundbreaker to Gladys. Doing so nets you 3,750 Bit Cartridges and will complete the quest The Doom That Came to Roseway, granting you 32,000 XP.

Once this is done, you can continue on with The Distress Signal quest.

The Doom That Came to Roseway Rewards

  • Unlocks quest: You may continue The Distress Signal
  • Other Rewards: Massive Auntie Cleo Reputation Up, 3755 Bit Cartridge, 23000xp and Researcher’s Scrubs. He will further reward you with Auntie Cleo reputation if you didn’t kill the Raptidons.


Towards the end of this side quest, it is possible for Anton Crane to commit suicide. This can happen in two ways; either by failing to give him Auntie Cleo’s Research Data or by picking either of the following dialogue options after giving him the data.

  • “Of course.”
  • “Was there anything else?”

When he asks you for your thoughts on the purpose of the data you’ve just handed him, pick either of the following dialogue options.

  • “Your only interest was in your research and your life. To hell with everyone else.”
  • “[Medical 30] Reducing the appetites of people performing physical labor is potentially life threatening.”

Finally, pick the following dialogue option.

  • “[Persuade 30] Your life won’t have meaning anywhere. You’re empty, and bitter, and will be wherever you go.”

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