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The Outer Worlds Private Kimball Quest Guide

Private Kimball Quest Guide

Private Kimball is an NPC in The Outer Worlds. NPCs are not able to be controlled by the player, but interacted with and are often a part of Quests within the game. Some will play a larger role than others, and some can even be recruited as Companions.

Private Kimball in The Outer Worlds
You’ll find Private Kimball in the main quest, Stranger in a Strange Land with Lieutenant Mercer.

Private Kimball Location
Short Description of the Location of the NPC.

Private Kimball Related Quests
You’ll find Private Kimball with Lieutenant Mercer at the main quest Stranger in a Strange Land.

Stranger in a Strange Land Walkthrough

This is the first quest players will do, and will take them down to Haycilon’s Emerald Vale region. You have unfortunately landed right on top of your supposed meetup, so you must now make your way to their ship and assume control of it.

The game will give you some movement tutorials as you move forward, as well as pointing out stealth mechanics to avoid some dogs. You’ll come to a cave where you meet with an injured NPC, Guard Pelham. You can select to cure him of his wounds and persuade him to give you his gun, which will result in obtaining Light Ammo x111, Light Pistol and Sentry Sabre. Or you can kill him and take his Riot Control Armor and Riot Control Helmet. Loot the items scattered to the right of the NPC and then blow up the barrels blocking the exit.

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Crouch through the narrow exit and you’ll soon see some Marauder enemies. Deal with them as you see fit, and then loot the area. There is a locked container that has a Telescoping Staff.

If you continue down toward the ship, you’ll come to meet Lieutenant Mercer. She tells you about an unauthorized landing and Marauders in the area, and you have several options to reply. You can tell her that you met Pelham and patched him up, and then persuade her to deal with the outlaws, or take on them yourself.

After the Marauders are defeated, enter the ship and talk to ADA to gain command of the ship. You can loot several items inside, as well as access the ship’s Workbench. Here you can also Respec at the Vocational Competence Respecification Machine.

Once you exit, Mercer will confront you about the ship’s ownership. You can point out that you saved Pelham to avoid the fine and be on your way toward the town or you can kill her and loot 6x Bit Cartridge, 5x Energy Cell, Adreno and Light Assault Rifle. This will negatively affect your Reputation though.

You can explore the area and you’ll find a dead resident that is holding a Shovel, and there is also a Hatchet and Armor Parts to be looted. Be careful not to go toward the nearby Crash Site yet as the Primal enemies there are too strong for your level.

Detour: Marauder Encampment

Onward, a contained with 2x Weapon Parts can be looted before coming to a group of Marauder Hooligan enemies. Past them, there’s the Marauder Encampment. Here you’ll face 1x Marauder Lookout and 2x Marauder Vandal alongside a Marauder Goon and 2x Tamed Canid. Defeat them all if you want to loot the place and get some XP. The items you can pick up are 8x Bit Cartridge, 1x Necklace, 1x Spacer’s Chaw, 1x Mock Apple, 1x Mock Apple Juice, 10x Heavy Ammo, 60x Light Ammo, 1x Adreno, 1x Gourmet Saltuna Fillets, 30x Bit Cartridge, 1x Tremor Cleaver (Weapon), Armor Parts, Weapon Parts, 25x Energy Cell.

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There’s also a locked container that has??

Toward Edgewater

Backtrack a bit to the place where you met the first Hooligans and then continue toward your map marker. You’ll come across two dead residents and cann loot 1x Revolver and 1x Tossball Blocker before climbing a hill and getting your first view of the town.

Upon arrival, you can talk to Silas, Junior Inhumer for the town of Edgewater. You can ask him about the Power Regulator you’re after, he says to go to Reed Tobson’s office. He then asks about your job, and you have the option to accept some collector’s duties – this is the Task: A Small Grave Matter.

Go into the town and you’ll gain 600xp for your discovery. Find the Saltuna Cannery and go inside. You have the option to steal some items and use a terminal. Go into the nearby lift and make it go up to arrive at Reed Tobson’s office. He’s talking to Parvati about a malfunction of the machinery. You can ask for a power regulator and get 1028xp to advance the quest.

The Power Regulator

Reed informs you that there is a Power Regulator at the nearby Geothermal Power Plant, that is “mostly abandoned”. He wants you to reroute power from the botanical district over to Edgewater, and then you can take the regulator. You can press the conversation to learn that the plant is inhabited by deserters (former workers) and he needs them back because their quotas are down, and they might be shut down for good. He tells you to talk to the leader, Adelaide and warn her about the power – this is a separate quest called Comes Now the Power. You will get the Geothermal Passcode item.

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Parvati will offer to join you. Accept to gain your first Companion. Leave the office and talk to Parvati, she will want to share some information about the people that have deserted their post. She will reveal Adelaide left after her son’s death, and propose that you talk to Max, the town Vicar. This updates objectives for the quest Comes Now the Power, which you should do before continuing.

Go on to do the Comes Now the Power quest.

Once you complete Comes Now the Power speak with Ada on the Unreliable and then install the Power Regulator. Speak to Ada again to blast off the planet, ending the quest and beginning the quest Passage to Anywhere.

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