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The Outer Worlds Radio Free Monarch Quest Guide

The majority of side quests in The Outer Worlds are simple. Speak with an NPC, follow the objectives, done. Make sure when you are attempting a specific quest, that it is selected in your journal. You can only track one quest at a time, so you want to ensure you’re chasing the correct markers.

Radio Free Monarch Quest Guide

Radio Free Monarch is one of the Main Quests in The Outer Worlds. Main Quests are those that must be completed in order to advance the main story and progress the game.

Radio Free Monarch Objectives

Speak with Nyoka at Stellar Bay
Phineas Welles contacted the Broker through a well-known Monarch big-game hunter named Nyoka. She frequents The Yacht Club in Stellar Bay, so look for her there.

Help Nyoka with Her Hangover [Passion Pills]
Nyoka is willing to bring you to the Broker, but you’ll have to “cure” her of her hangover first.

Speak with the Information Broker at Devil’s Peak Station

  • The Broker resides in a station at the top of Devil’s Peak Station. Travel there and speak with him.
  • Limited opportunities exist to scale the mountain. There is a dangerous, ascending path along the western side of Devil’s Peak. A safer alternative may be found in the caverns that run underneath the mountain.
  • You’ve reached Fallbrook Crossroads, which is roughly halfway to the station. You’ll have to head further west before being able to ascend the mountain.
  • The C3 mercenary company is stationed southeast of the Devil’s Peak Station. You may be able to convince them to help you.
  • You’ve been invited to speak with the station’s owner via intercom.
  • The Broker will unlock his door after the Marauders in the broadcast center have been cleared (Kill 7 Marauders)
  • You’ve cleared out all the Marauders in the station’s broadcast center and may now speak to the Broker in person.

Help the Broker Deal with MSI and the Iconoclasts

  • The Broker can’t deliver the location of the chemicals until you stop the Iconoclasts and MSI transmissions that are interfering with use of the tower.
  • Sanjar Nandi leads MSI out of Stellar Bay, and Graham Bryant leads the Iconoclasts out of Amber Heights. Earning their favor might convince them to stop transmitting.
  • Complete the quest “BOLT with His Name” for Sanjar to start earning MSI’s trust
  • Complete the quest “Errors Unseen” for Sanjar to earn MSI’s trust
  • You’ve found a way to end MSI’s transmissions.
  • Complete the quest “The Commuter” for Graham to start earning the Iconoclasts’ trust
  • Complete the quest “Pay For the Printer” for Graham to earn the Iconoclasts’ trust.
  • You were able to put a stop to the Iconoclast transmissions.

Return to the Information Broker
MSI and the Iconoclasts are no longer using the tower. Report back to Hiram

Jump Start the Tower
Before you can transmit the data to Phineas, you’ll need to give the tower a jump start

Speak with Phineas
You have relayed the promised data back to Phineas. Travel to his lab and speak with him to discuss the next steps.

Radio Free Monarch Walkthrough

This quest is obtained when you complete Passage to Anywhere by obtaining the Stellar Bay Navkey and talking to Welles, or if you travel to Monarch and land. Once you get to Stellar Bay, you’ll be greeted by Grimm, who will explain that it’s very rare for them to get visitors. He will ask for your name and you will gain Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation (3%). Grimm offers to give you your own entry code. He also says The Board has been lying about Monarch, and mentions you should talk to Mr. Sanjar, and as you for a favor – he wants you to check with Celia if his poster has arrived. Accept and this begins the quest The Grimm Tomorrow.

Speak with Nyoka at The Yacht Club to gain the Passion Pills quest so that she sobers up. This gives you 14,400XP. While you’re here, you can talk to Maguire and get a free drink 1x Zero Gee Brew. He will also explain that 10 years ago, Marauders broke into the executive compound and slaughtered everyone, making the board abandon the place. The incident is called “Amber Heights”. Head to the 2F and talk to Caleb Herrick to gain 1x Glacier Water, and he tells you that they are on strike. You can offer to mediate with Velma on their behalf – this gives you the quest Herric’s Handiwork.

You can head over to Sanjar’s office and talk to Celia Robbins, who will confess she is buying uneeded items from Sebastian to get to talk to him. You can offer to talk to him on her behalf and get the task Flowers for Sebastian.

You can also speak to Sanjar Nandi, he will say Hiram is out at Devil’s Peak. Sanjar will confide that the 10 years of isolation have been hard on Monarch, and they want to get back into the mainstream. He will reveal a plan to get MSI back into The Board. Ask him about it and you’ll obtain the quest BOLT with His Name (Faction Quest). You can also learn more about the planet, that used to be called Terra 1, and the reform that Sanjar and MSI tried to achieve to give more humane working conditions for everyone within.

Complete Passion Pills
Make your way to Abigail Edwards, the medic located in a small building on the left side of the Stellar Bay map. You can ask her for Caffenoid supplements, and then have to reveal who they are for. You can lie (20) or say they are for Nyoka, or private. Abigail will reval that Nyoka’s allotment is exhausted due to her non-participation in their health scheme. She mentions Dr. Williams manage the town allotments from an upstairs terminal. You can persuade (35), ask about Dr. Williams, or Intimidate (55) to get your way. Persuade her, and she’ll reveal she has a key to the supply room, that is upstairs. You can ask about Dr. Williams and you’ll obtain an optional objective of searching his body at the graveyard.

You can go upstairs and hack (55) the terminal to login as Williams to increase Nyoka’s allotment. You can also pick your way into the supply room, or get Dispensary Supply Room Key from Dr. Williams corpse or by pickpocketing Abigail.

Return to Nyoka
Make your way back to Nyoka. You can explore near the tavern first and meet Talmadge Kerr, who will be shuoting someone has been killed inside the apartments. Go into the building to unlock the quest The Stainless Steel Rat.

Once you’re back to Nyoka, you’ll get 21000xp for the step and 28000xp for completing passion pills, plus 14400xp for completing Radio Free Monarch step. Accept Nyoka’s offer to come with you and she will join you as your last Companion.

Head to Fallbrook
Make your way to Fallbrook, visiting Amber Heights for several quests in the process. Talk to Mortimer Bell near the entrance and, if you’re doing Space-Crime Continuum, ask him where to find Catherine Malin, and you’ll gain Sublight Salvage & Shipping reputation.

Devil’s Peak Summit
Head northwest of Fallbrook to find Devil’s Peak Station. Once you arrive at Devil’s Peak Summit speak with Joy Voivode regarding the relay tower she is guarding. If you have the quest Signal Point in Space or Radio Free Monarch, it will update with a note that you may be able to convince the C3 mercenary company to help you.

They are down the hill a short ways. You can Persuade (20) them not to kill you if you said you emerged from the tunnel, and then you can ask them to help you clear the Marauders from the Station. Additionally, if you inquire further about their boss you will obtain the Task: Mandibles of Doom.

If you complete this Task then you can convince the C3 mercenaries to help you attack the Marauders if you can get the main gate open. As you approach the station, you can meet Joy Voivode, who cautions you the station is overtaken by Marauders.

Head the entrance of the Devils’ Peak Station and defeat the Marauders there. There are a lot so be careful. If you have a minute head northeast and loot the Unique Weapon: Hammer of Olympus at Sundered Rock. Then head up the ramp and head into Devil’s Peak Station.

Devil’s Peak Station
Defeat the Marauders inside and then speak to the man via the Intercom, whom you will find out Hiram. If Nyoka is in your party he will recognize her. Hiram will ask you to wipe out the Marauders in exchange for double the going rate. He doesn’t want his broadcasting equipment destroyed. There is a Lockpicking (55) door nearby that has some loot inside, so consider picking it if you can. Then double back and head up the elevator that is now open.

You’ll need to kill all the Marauders here. If you finished the Mandibles of Doom task and convinced the C3 mercenaries to help you, they will help you wipe out the Marauders. Use the Intercom to open the door and speak to Hiram Blythe. You’ll gain 2,500 Bit Cartridges. Ask him about the Information Broker and you’ll gain an Achievement/Trophy and 16000 XP.

You can talk to Hiram to learn more about The Board, the Chairman, Sanjar, Graham and the overall system.

Hiram will ask you to jump start the tower by heading outside and flipping a switch. There is a terminal on the way that you can read some backstory about the Station if you wish. Once you flip the switch a ship will crash land nearby and Graham and Sanjar will argue over what to do with it, and the Faction Quest: Canid’s Cradle will trigger. You’ll gain 3800xp and 14400xp.

Return to Phineas Welles at his Lab to collect your reward of 2500 Bit Cartridges, 36640 XP and you’ll gain a Nav Key to Byzantium. This will trigger the quest The City and the Stars.

Your decisions about Monarch leadership will impact the game’s Endings.

Radio Free Monarch Rewards

  • Unlocks quest: Canid’s Cradle
  • Other Rewards: 64000xp, 2500 Bit Cartridge

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