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The Outer Worlds Repairing Your Items & Tinkering

Repairing your items

Nobody really likes it when their items lose durability, but due to the fact that your weapons will lose their effectiveness as your weapons slowly break; it becomes paramount that you repair said items. Your items will have a meter that indicates each of their durability. As this bar decreases, your armor will protect you less and your weapons won’t deliver damage to their fullest.

Once you’ve reached the workbench and you’re all ready to swing a little hammer, you can simply repair your items back to 100%, of course, which would use up your weapon and armor parts. These parts are easily obtainable by dismantling any old gear that you haven’t gotten rid of yet. A way to make this process a little easier would be to reach Level 20 Engineering so that you can simply dismantle items and repair them; should you want that, just in your inventory.


You’ll find yourself having trouble if you’re just going off on vanilla armor and not working to make your equipment better. Tinkering allows you to level up your current gear. Simply select the Tinker option, (On the top) and level your gear away.

If you find something that you just don’t want to leave behind or something that you like the look of, you’re going to want it to level up with you instead of wasting it. It should be noted that you cannot increase an item’s level beyond 5 of your own character’s level. With enough bits, you can take a gear with good bonuses and keep it with you for as long as you want.

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