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The Outer Worlds Salvager in the Sky Guide

Tasks in The Outer Worlds, are side activities that players can engage in across the various planets of the game to help the local population with their troubles. The Outer World tasks are pretty straight forward and reward players with a decent amount of XP so it is always worth taking the time out to finish them.

While you don’t necessarily have to complete these tasks, they are fun activities, have decent rewards and are a good way to get the best out of the RPG experience that The Outer Worlds has to offer.

Salvager in the Sky Guide

You need to find the job posting notice and then get to the designated location to acquire the contract.

To get started, get to a terminal in Groundbreaker and read through the public notice to find a Seeking Contractor: Sublight Salvage ad. This’ll start the quest, and you’ll have to get to the SubLight office for it.

The office is near the terminal by the Medbay. Use the lift to get up to the office level and talk to Tobias Oyama to get the door to the office unlocked. Go inside and talk to Lilya Hagen to get the contract.

Upon talking to her, she’ll tell you to pick up some Alta-Vitae gas at the Saltuna loading dock in Monarch. This will complete the quest and award you a Faction Quest: Space-Crime Continuum.

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