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The Outer Worlds SAM Companions Guide

The Outer Worlds is the latest RPG from renowned developer, Obsidian Entertainment. Like most RPGs, the game features companions that you can take with you.

Before we dive into where and how to find companions, you need to know a few things. You can only have two active companions with you so chose carefully. You can swap companions if you don’t feel that a particular companion in the Outer Worlds doesn’t suit your play style.

Not only that, each companion in the game has perk bonuses and abilities. Companion perks grant bonuses to players and with each level, your companion unlocks a new perk. Each companion features a perk that grants party bonuses. This allows players to chose companions that best suit their play style.

The Outer Worlds Companions also have abelites which only unlock if your Determination skill is over 20. As you level up Leadership skills for your character the more companion abilities unlock.

SAM Companions Guide

Sam is present on the 2F of the Unreliable and doesn’t have the ability to take his own decisions because of a lack of proper AI. But he does give you repeated slogans that contain already prepared corporate tidbits. He will be talked to and repaired by Parvati and it will happen on the engineering portion of your ship. Just for fun, you can walk in on SAM and ADA when they get physical in their relationship.

Location: Upper Deck, The Unreliable

Recruiting SAM

You can recruit him if you finish the quest The Cleaning Machine which you can start by inspecting him on the ship.

Perks and Ability

  • Ability: Decontaminate

Unique Perks

  • Bonus Support Intimidate:  Intimidate increased by 10.
  • Cleaner: Negative Reputation Kill decreased by 20%.
  • Bad Samaritan: Damage to Automechanicals increased by 20.
  • Clean Sweep: Harmful Status Effect Duration decreased by 25%.

SAM’s Equipment

You cannot remove these items from his frame.

Corrosive Washer
Description Sprays out a continuous stream of caustic cleaning fluids.
Damage 54 Corrosion
Skill Heavy Weapons
DPS 771
Magazine Size 50 (Energy)
Special Effect Corrosion
Sell Value 47
Weight 5
Condition 100%
Corrosive Blaster
Description Shoots out balls of corrosive energy that explode on impact.
Damage 231 Corrosion
Skill Heavy Weapons
DPS 925
Magazine Size 100 (Energy)
Special Effect Corrosion
Sell Value 0
Weight 0
Condition 100%

Companion Quest

SAM’s companion quest is the Cleaning Machine. This quest requires you to get SAM running again. You need to replace its S.U.D.S. Sleeper with an Acid Sleeper, Acid Sleeper is in the storage facility in Roseway.

The Cleaning Machine Quest Guide

This quest can be unlocked after you have left the Emerald Vale and are on the main quest Passage to Anywhere. Go up the ladder of the ship toward the captain quarters and then take the stairs up to a further level and inspect the inactive machine in the supply closet.

Speak with ADA on board the ship and she will tell you to read the captain’s logs on the computer in the captain’s quarters about the machine. Back in your quarters, look for entries marked “SAM” and read them to gain 6300 XP and you’ll learn that you need to find an Acid Steeper, which requires you to travel to Roseway in Terra 2.

Travel to Roseway Gardens and find the Storage Facility, located South from the landing pad. Within it you’ll fight several Marauder enemies. You’ll find an Armory Note and learn that you need Storage Facility Passcode to get into the area with the parts. You can find the passcode by hacking the terminal in Auntie-Biotics Lab.

Once inside the door, pick up Acid Steeper to update the quest and get 7200xp. A nearby locker also has Reconditioned Exo-Helmet.

While you’re here, check out the nearby terminal to discover Roseway Secrets for The Distress Signal. and pick up the weapon schematics needed for the quest Vulcan’s Hammer.

Return to the Unreliable to finish modifying SAM by interacting with it on the 2nd Floor. You’ll get 7200xp, and SAM will ask you if you’d like to register. Say yes and then it’ll take off and patrol the floor.

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