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The Outer Worlds Sublight Salvage & Shipping Quest Guide

Sublight Salvage & Shipping Quest Guide

Sublight is a network of “salvagers” with business ties to “transportation” and “waste disposal”. A tangled web of contractors and secretive vice presidents make up their official hierarchy, leaving no one to speak on the record about Sublight’s more legally-dubious activities.

Reputation Status

Status Positive Reputation Negative Reputation Effects
Neutral 0% – 29% 0% – 29% None
Nervous +80% +80% None
Agreeable 30% – 49% 0% – 29% Vendor prices -5%
Tolerant +80% 50% – 79% Vendor prices -5%
Friendly 50% – 79% 0% – 29% Vendor prices -15%
Understanding +80% 30% – 49% Vendor prices -15%
Revering +80% 0% – 29% Vendor prices -25%
Agitated 50% – 79% +80% Vendor prices +10%
Bitter 30% – 49% 50% – 79% Vendor prices +10%
Repulsed 0% – 29% +80% Vendor prices +50% – They will attack on sight.
  • Catherine
  • Lilya Hagen
  • Nelson Mayson
  • Duncan Elley
  • Catherine Malin
  • Arthur
  • Tobias Oyama
  1. Slaughterhouse Clive
  2. A Cysty-Dance with Death
  3. Space-Crime Continuum
  4. The Ice Palace
  5. The Chimerist’s Last Experiment
  6. Salvager in the Sky
  7. Spratkings

1. Slaughterhouse Clive Walkthrough

Speak with Catherine at Fallbrook to get this quest. There is a secret entrance to the facility, in the a waterfall near the objective marker, or you can use the front door. It’s a restricted area, so you need to find appropriate ID if you want to complete the quest in an non violent way. Enter through the secret door near the waterfall and go up the ladder directly in front of you. Then there is another ladder, climb that.

You reach a small room with a door and a patrolling robot. Avoid the robot, wait for it to pass, then sneak in the door.


Follow the stairs down until you reach this area. Take the small gap on the right.


It leads to this locker, the item you need is inside. This lets you stay disguised.

Once disguised, you can use the terminals near all the pigs to increase the vitamin supply to the food by 4000% with [Medical 55]. You get 21k XP, Bits, and a Helm as well as SubLight Salvage and Shipping reputation.

A Cysty-Dance with Death Walkthrough

This quest is obtained by confronting Clive in the C&P Boarst Factory on Monarch and convincing him to let you kill Catherine Malin.

The easiest way to kill Catherine is to Sneak Attack her from behind and hide in corner until the guards are no longer alert. Killing her will net you 12000 XP. However, if you do this you will Botch the Slaughterhouse Clive quest, and you cannot complete both of these quests. Additionally, all SubLight personnel in Monarch will become hostile to you and you gain massive negative Reputation with SubLight Salvage & Shipping.

Speak to Clive to get 28000 XP and max Positive Reputation with C&P Boarst Factory. You’ll also gain 1,125 Bit Cartridges and the Unique Weapon: Clive’s Cleaver.

You can take the cans of Boarst off the table in the next room and speak to Clive about them to gain 625 Bit Cartridges.

3. Space-Crime Continuum Walkthrough

This quest is obtained by taking the job with Lilya Hagen aboard the Groundbreaker after you’ve gained access to Stellar Bay on Monarch.

Head outside to the fishery docks in Stellar Bay of Monarch and loot the corpse there in the corner. This will provide you with a Bloody Note that has a passcode on it. Take the note to Catherine Malin in Fallbrook.

Make your way to Fallbrook, visiting Amber Heights for several quests in the process. Talk to Mortimer Bell near the entrance and, if you’re doing Space-Crime Continuum, ask him where to find Catherine Malin, and you’ll gain Sublight Salvage & Shipping reputation.

Go to meet Catherine and tell her you’re here to fix the problem. She says you must syphon the gas from Cascadia’s lab into one of your ship’s fuel tanks. She warns you the town is overrun by Marauders and the lab is swarmed with mantisaurs. You can mention that Nyoka can kill them or Ellie can drug them. She will tell you technical skills are needed, you can mention Parvati or Vicar Max. You’re to take the gas to the Groundbreaker once you obtain it. Finish the dialogue and earn 5000xp

Catherine has an extra job, however. You can pick it up now. She wants you to take Clive Lumbergh’s boarst factory, owner dead or alive. You can kill him or sabotage the factory. This unlocks the side quest Slaughterhouse Clive. Speak to Duncan Elley for an ID if you wish to sneak in. You’ll have to Persuade (50), Lie (50) or Intimidate (50) to get one.

Clive is located inside C&P Boarst Factory to the southwest of Fallbrook. If you can reach him and convince him to work with Catherine then you can bring his proposition to her. Or you can just kill him. If you tried to get them to work together when you speak with Catherine you need a Persuade (50) or Lie (100) to get her to do it.

Head to Cascadia and interact with the terminal near the sealed door containing what you seek (it’s inside a building). You need to override the system with the password and the door will reveal a lift that takes you to Rizzo Secret Laboratory. Be sure to look around Cascadia before you head inside, as you can find Zora’s Executive Review on another terminal inside Rizzo’s. This will allow you to use the terminal at the locked gate to Cascadia.

Once inside the lab you’ll gain 5000 XP, and you’ll come across a security robot, but you can get by with Lie (60). To the left of the robots there’s a room with a terminal. Use it to signal ADA to land, and your quest will update and grant you 5000 XP. Continue exploring by taking the route left from the entrance. You’ll pass a locked door with some loot inside and come to a room with several Mantisaur.

Following the path-ridden trap without Mantisaur, that has Mechanical Guardian MK 2 instead. You’ll have to dodge mines and ray tripwires unless you have lockpicking 100. Watch out for the steam and the mines on the walls as well! This is the way you must take if you want to use ventilation to solve your bug problem
Defeat the mantisaur and climb the ladder then interact with the terminal to align the fuel. After that, initiate Alta-Vitae Gas transfer – you’ll learn this terminal is not allowed and you have to make it to another one. Earn 5000xp

Go down the ladder and open the nearby door. There’s more Mantisaur to kill, and a creepy shrine to Dr. Thomas Lynwood Ryall to observe. Go to the far end of the room and you can take a right to loot some items and read a terminal, and then take the opposite direction to fight a Mantiqueen. The terminal up the stairs past the queen is the one you need for your quest. Pick to connect storage tanks to the landing pad refueling system. You can now Engineering (40), Hack (60) or Overload the systems. You’ll gain 5000xp.

While you are inside the lab, find the Mind Control Ray for the quest Weapons from the Void. Go toward the lift and look right – there’s a gap to jump across, leading to a ladder, another jump and another ladder. You’ll find a dead scientist and a safe that contains Mind Control Ray. (3500xp)

Take the lift out and you’ come out by a group of Mantisaur on the opposite side of the locked gate from the main town. You can head to the Unreliable and back to the Groundbreaker to complete the quest by talking to Lylya Hagen at SubLight. (5000xp)

Finishing the quest gives you 20000xp, SubLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation Up, 2188 Bit Cartridge. You can Persuade (100) for 2300xp and 500 Bit Cartridge. If you completed Slaughterhouse Clive you’ll receive further SubLight Salvage & Shipping reputation, and Lilya will ask if the swine gave you any strange looks.

You’ll also unlock the quest to move in and commandeer a decommissioned station as a SubLight Salvage & Shipping Remote Station. Accept to obtain the quest The Ice Palace and obtain Override Cartridge, which allows you to travel to the quest destination.

4. The Ice Palace Walkthrough

You will obtain this quest by talking to Lilya Hagen at SubLight Salvage Headquarters in Groundbreaker, after completing Space-Crime Continuum.

Travel to HRS-1084 station and restore the power. Head left through the main room, watching out for the mines there. You can pick up UDL Identity Cartridge from a chair in the mess hall. Use the terminal past the mines and set the generator to normal. You will be contacted by ADA shortly after, and you will learn that the UDL has docked with the station and intend to wipe you out.

The Corporate Commander will contact you and you can Persuade (55) her to not attack you if you have gained Adjutant Akande’s trust by completing The Demolished Woman quest. You can also Bribe her with 2550 Bits or Intimidate (65) her to into not making an enemy of SubLight. You can also Lie (65) that you will press the self destruct button. If you used the UDL Identity Cartridge you’ll be asked about the automechanicals. Lie or Intimidate (35) to deal with it. Any of these will get them to undock from the station without conflict.

Backtrack up the stairs to the main room and defeat the automechanicals there if you didn’t use the cartridge and they are online. There will is a terminal through a door on your left that you can Hack (65) to put the robots into recharge mode for easy killing. In this room, you should pick up Blank UDL Keycard by the safe and then use “Encode Keycard” on the terminal to get “Electrical Control Room Keycard”. You can visit the door in the middle of the large initial room to read a terminal that gives some insight into who worked here.

Then exit the main room on the right hand side from where you first came in. There will also be mines down these stairs. There is a locked door that requires Lockpicking (40) or you can use the Electrical Control Room Keycard. Inside is a terminal you can use to disengage security protocol.

Head through the next door and there are some living quarters doors that have some loot and a door to the main room with some Holding Tanks and some automechanicals. Defeat them if they are active, and then head up the stairs and use the terminal in the office. Read the logs to find out about the experiments being done here, and get some alarm bells as you discover the executive override password for UDL communications is the same one that you used to get into the lab in Cascadia in Monarch.

When you’re done reading, insert the SubLight Override Cartridge. This will grant you 15000 XP. There is also a Lockpicking (100) door in this room that contains ??/

Then head back to Lilya on Groundbreaker. You can inform her of the scientists and (if you disabled the mechs) tell her they are now up for grabs (15000xp). Completing the quest will net you 35000 XP and SubLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation as well as 2188 Bit Cartridges. Lilya will ask you if you encountered any resistance at the station and you can either tell her the truth or Lie (1) to her.

Either way Lilya will reveal that none of this was about salvage, but instead Aliens. She thinks there is an Alien invasion happening, and she wants you to put a stop to it.You can ask what she means by Aliens, and she will say that the gas is mixing the human nuclein with Halcyon biology, making us something other than human. If you ask how she knows you’re not an alien, she will say it was a calculated risk, and she will say it’s “Probably nothing to worry about as long as you don’t start growing tentacles or slowing down time”.

WELP, time to panic!

Lilya will then tell you to kill Eva Chartrand. This will give you the The Chimerist’s Last Experiment quest and you’ll get Byzantium Estate Key.

5. The Chimerist’s Last Experiment Walkthrough

This quest is obtained after finishing The Ice Palace ans speaking to Lilya Hagen on Groundbreaker.

Head to Dr. Chartrand’s house in Byzantium within the Estate District and use the Byzantium Estate Key to open the door and enter Dr. Chartrand’s Home. Once inside use the terminal to read her logs and notes, some of which talk about you checking the lab terminal on Cascadia and your takeover of HS-1084. Use the same terminal to open the lab and head down the elevator. Head forward and speak to Dr. Eva Chartrand. You can tell her that Lilya Hagen sent you to kill her, and she will say she does not know Lilya and wonder if she’s from The Board.

You can Lie (1) to her to get her to tell you what she is doing, which is finding a new way to feed the colony, as the crops that humanity brought from earth are not reacting well to local soil and not giving humans the needed nutrients to survive. She will tell you that the colony will starve unless she can alter humans to thrive on the nutrients found in Halcyon, and dissuade your fears that there’s any alien takeover. She will also reveal that they didn’t want to experiment on humans, so they instead experimented on each other, and the concerning fact that they contacted Earth about this years ago and never heard back.

Important: You need to be on decent standing with The Board or you won’t be able to persuade the guards to let her go. If you’re falling into aggro or don’t get options, go do some quests for The Board and come back later.

Ask her to work with Phineas Welles:
You can tell her to work with Phineas Welles, and she will agree and you’ll gain 15000 XP and gain Negative Reputation with The Board. You’ll have to convince the guard not to attack you as well by mentioning Sophia, Persuading him (100) or bribe with 2673 bits. When you return to Lilya Hagen you’ll gain Negative Reputation with SubLight Salvage & Shipping and 35000xp.

Ask her to work with The Board:
You can tell her to work with The Board, and she will agree and you’ll gain 15000 XP and gain Positive Reputation with The Board. You’ll have to convince the guard not to attack you as well. When you return to Lilya Hagen you’ll gain Negative Reputation with SubLight Salvage & Shipping and 35000xp.

Kill Her:
You can also kill her, which will net you negative reputation with The Board. Travel back to the Groundbreaker, speak to Lilya, and get 15000xp, 20000xp, 2188 Bit Cartridge, SubLight VP Armor and the SubLight to the End Trophy / Achievement. You will also get a promotion to “Vice President of Aggressive Acquisitions”, and when you travel back to your ship you’ll find SubLight Salvage Poster.

6. Salvager in the Sky Walkthrough

Use a terminal in Groundbreaker (There’s one by the Med Bay) and read Public Notices for “Seeking Contractor: Sublight Salvage” to initiate this quest.

The SubLight salvage office is near the terminal by the MedBay. You can read the terminal to find out Alex Hawkthorne had been involved with them, and then use the lift to go to the office portion. Talk to Tobias Oyama, and he’ll unlock the door for you. Go in and you can talk to Lilya Hagen, who will tell you Hawkthorne was a contractor of her.

You need to have a Stellar Bay Navkey (obtained from Gladys for Passage to Anywhere), or you need to have been to Stellar Bay at least once. Speaking with Lilya Hagen, she’ll tell you she needs you to pick up some Alta-Vitae gas at the Saltuna loading dock in Monarch. You’ll gain 8,400 XP and gain reputation with Sublight Salvage & Shipping. This will complete the quest and give you the Faction Quest: Space-Crime Continuum.

Spratkings Walkthrough

You can gain this quest by talking to Nelson Mayson at his shop to the left of the entrance of Fallbrook in Monarch. He will share that he has a business proposition, hear him out and accept to help to begin the quest.

Head to the tunnel near the riverbed and go inside. You’ll be attacked by Raptidons. Clear them out for 6300xp

Loot the Sprats for Nelson Mayson’s Drugs. If you’re having trouble spotting them all because of other corpses, track the quest and small green icons will appear over sprats you have not looted.

Go back to Nelson and you can either give him the drugs or lie (50) and keep the drug consumables.

  • Lie (50): 1000xp, Adrena-Time x5
  • Give him drugs: no reward

You must now find the rest of the sprats. Go slightly south and you’ll see sprats getting out of a house. Talk to Bertrand, who has rescued the Sprats from their servitude. You can Persuade (20) or Medical (30) for a peaceful resolution, or attack him. Loot the sprat droppings to recover the drugs.

Head back to Nelson and you again can give him the drugs, or lie, or punch him if you feel like it.

  • Lie (50): 1000xp, 8400 XP, 1375 Bit Cartridge, SubLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation Up
  • Give him drugs: 8400xp, 1000 Bit Cartridge, SubLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation up
  • Punch him: SubLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation Up

You can get 375 Bit Cartridge from Catherine Malin for telling her about your handling of the rat situation.

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