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The Outer Worlds The Lying Earth Guide

Tasks in The Outer Worlds, are side activities that players can engage in across the various planets of the game to help the local population with their troubles. The Outer World tasks are pretty straight forward and reward players with a decent amount of XP so it is always worth taking the time out to finish them.

While you don’t necessarily have to complete these tasks, they are fun activities, have decent rewards and are a good way to get the best out of the RPG experience that The Outer Worlds has to offer.

The Lying Earth Guide

Minister Clarke has sensible information to deliver to the Earth and the only way to do that from Halcyon is through the Chairman’s Office at the HHC.

You acquire this task when talking to Minister Clarke where he asks you to use Rockwell’s access to send his Data Cartridge to Earth.

At the HHC building you have to enter inside using the key card you gained if you have completed Balance Due. If not, then you’ll have to go to the front door the bribe the guards with 2000 bits to enter. If you don’t even have 2000 bits, then you’ll have to use the maintenance tunnels to get inside.

Once inside, talk to the guard named Bachmeyer. Following that, go up the elevator to the Percival Platt and go past him to gain access to the communications. From there send the Data and report back to Clarke.

Rewards: 17000 XP.

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