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The Outer Worlds The Unreliable Side Quest Guide

The majority of side quests in The Outer Worlds are simple. Speak with an NPC, follow the objectives, done. Make sure when you are attempting a specific quest, that it is selected in your journal. You can only track one quest at a time, so you want to ensure you’re chasing the correct markers.

The Unreliable Side Quest Guide

Unreliable is one of the Locations in The Outer Worlds. The Unreliable is the ship of Captain Hawkthorne. Players will eventually take it to space and use it to explore the system, and as a base of operations for you and your companions.. Locations are defined by their individual and varied biomes spread around the Halcyon System. Planets and other celestial figures house the inhabitable regions in The Outer Worlds.

Weapons From The Void


After you have access to the Captains Quarters on the Unreliable, read all of the messages on the terminal inside. This unlocks this side quest. Go to the Crew Quarters on the Groundbreaker, it’s just past Customs and past Security. Once inside, there is a small vent on the wall. Climb through there to the Repair Hangar. Kill the enemies, loot the keycard and go into the nearby room. You’ll find the weapon in a box on the desk.
Once you’re done with that, speak with Gladys on Groundbreaker and select the Trade option. You need to buy the “Hephaestus Mining Archive” item from here to open a new objective for the quest. Then return to your Captains Quarters on the Unreliable and play the cartridge on the terminal. Head to Scylla and grab the weapon there.

Finally, get the weapon from the lab. At this point, you will need to discover more clues. Proceed through the main story until you reach Fallbrook, it’s on Monarch, via the Stellar Bay area.. You need to speak with Duncan and buy the Damaged UDL Datapad and SubLight Datapad, this reveals your next clues. Both weapons are on the planet, just follow the objectives.

The one in the UDL Lab has a really high hacking requirement. If you don’t have the ability to hack it, you can find the key upstairs, on a desk near a monitor.

The Doom That Came To Roseway

After speaking with Gladys on the Groundbreaker, she gives you a Distress call. Return to the ship and speak with ADA to play it. Travel to Terra 2, Roseway. There’s quite a few objectives here but they are all easy enough to follow. There are some optional objectives.
Dealing with the Raptidons. There’s a queen in one of the rooms. You must gather some items from nearby and gas the room for that objective.



When you run into Cassandra, agree to help her. Clear the paths, speak with security etc. Once she is free, you can convince her to give the research or kill her. If you save the queen, take out the mercs, and get the research, you get a lot of XP, Bits and Auntie Cleo rep.

The Distress Signal

After you play the distress signal received from Gladys, you get this quest. Head to Terra 2, Roseway. This is a very long quest involving multiple objectives, but it’s all simple stuff, following objective markers. When you get to the part where you can get the research from the computer, with 60 hack you can take an additional piece of research and also give to Gladys. Complete the quests on Roseway and the rest is done. If you decide to give all the research back to the individual scientists on the planet, you will have to pay the 10,000 Bits.

Passage to Anywhere

This quest begins automatically after you finish Stranger in a Strange Land. Picking up the Holographic Shroud in the captain’s quarters in your Ship, the Unreliable, will net you 18600 XP. If you read the logs in the computer there next to it you’ll gain the quest Weapon From The Void.

Travel to the Groundbreaker and approach the Customs officer, CPL. Leonard Wheeler. He will inform you that your ship is impounded and say you will have to take it up with Udom Bedford. Leonard can also give you the quest Solution Vial, and some information regarding the Groundbreaker’s status on the system and its relationship with The Board. He will also give you directions on where to go to obtain further quests within the ship.

This area has several quests that can be completed so look out for companion quests “The Empty Man” and “Drinking Sapphire Whine” while you progress. There are also side quests and bounties to get from NPCs so talk to everyone you find.

Go to the main area of the ship and take a left, you’ll come to the Rest-n-Go and can meet with Gladys. Ask her for a Navkey to go to Stellar Bay (16800xp) and she will say she has only one key and it will be expensive. You can pay 10,000 bits, or ask about the “opportunity” she offers. She will ask you to look into a distress call that came in from an outpost called Roseway, which Auntie Cleo abandoned years ago. She thinks there might be a secret worth selling. Accept and you’ll obtained the quest The Distress Signal. You can ask her about other work and affairs and she will then give you Purpleberry Bunch before you leave.

Go toward the Groundbreaker Promenade and you can talk to Udom Bedford. Pretend that Alex liked him if you would like to keep it nice, and he’ll lift your impounding. You get 16000 xp for your efforts. He then asks you if you know where Phineas Welles is, as Alex was apparently going to turn him in. Say he never mentioned Welles and the conversation will move on. This is also your opportunity to talk about Jessie Doyle for Worst Contact – so make use of it.

Complete The Distress Signal investigation and bring back all the research, or purchase the Stellar Bay Navkey for 10,000 bits. You will gain Groundbreaker Reputation and the quest will update asking to talk to Phillas Welles. Before you do this, you might want to head to Lilya Hagen at SubLight Salvage to begin the quest Salvager in the Sky.

You should then go to the Unreliable and have ADA contact Welles. He will tell you why Monarch is the next destination. You will get 33,000xp and the next quest: Radio Free Monarch

Alternatively, if you head straight to Monarch and land at Cascadia, you can fight your way to Stellar Bay to complete this Quest, saving you the cost of the Nav key. Be warned though, there are many dangerous enemies from 12-18 level.

The Cleaning Machine Walkthrough

This quest can be unlocked after you have left the Emerald Vale and are on the main quest Passage to Anywhere. Go up the ladder of the ship toward the captain quarters and then take the stairs up to a further level and inspect the inactive machine in the supply closet.

Speak with ADA on board the ship and she will tell you to read the captain’s logs on the computer in the captain’s quarters about the machine. Back in your quarters, look for entries marked “SAM” and read them to gain 6300 XP and you’ll learn that you need to find an Acid Steeper, which requires you to travel to Roseway in Terra 2.

Travel to Roseway Gardens and find the Storage Facility, located South from the landing pad. Within it you’ll fight several Marauder enemies. You’ll find an Armory Note and learn that you need Storage Facility Passcode to get into the area with the parts. You can find the passcode by hacking the terminal in Auntie-Biotics Lab.

Once inside the door, pick up Acid Steeper to update the quest and get 7200xp. A nearby locker also has Reconditioned Exo-Helmet.

While you’re here, check out the nearby terminal to discover Roseway Secrets for The Distress Signal. and pick up the weapon schematics needed for the quest Vulcan’s Hammer.

Return to the Unreliable to finish modifying SAM by interacting with it on the 2nd Floor. You’ll get 7200xp, and SAM will ask you if you’d like to register. Say yes and then it’ll take off and patrol the floor.

Don’t Bite the Sun Walkthrough

This quest is unlocked when you dock at the Groundbreaker during Passage to Anywhere. It is only available if you recruited Parvati into your party. You must have completed Drinking Sapphire Wine and Parvati must have taken a step toward being open with Junlei.

Important: Some users report that advancing quests without joining Parvati at the bar for Drinking Sapphire Wine may result in her going by herself and dying. Take her as soon as you get this quest!

Get Cleaning Products
Talk to her in the Unreliable, and she will mention she wants to go to Gladys, on the Groundbreaker, to ask her about a fancy shop to purchase Cleansing Products. Speak with Gladys and you’ll gain 4,800 xp for picking a soap. There are 3 soap options: rose, apple and “scrub”. Then speak to Parvati and give her the Soap to gain another 4,800 XP. (Picking Apple was well received by Junlei at the end) Then you’ll be asked to find a Dustback Casserole and Sweetheart Cakes.

Getting Food for the Date
Terra One Dustback Casserole can be purchased from Chef Raymond in Stellar Bay, inside his establishment just in front of the town’s apartments. You can pay 3000 bits or intimidate (50) to get a better price of 2000 bits. Gain 4400xp

Sweetheart Cakes can be found in Rizzo’s Facility in Cascadia, Monarch. Loot Ersatz Sweetheart Cake from a bar counter inside a building in the Maradeur-occupied part of town. The building is left from the Bottling Plant sign. Right by the cakes, a terminal will let you read the code to open the locked gate in the middle of town, so make sure to read it.

Picking an Outfit for the Date
Go back to the Unreliable and talk to Parvati. She will say that she’s now missing something nice to wear. You’ll get 4400xp and she’ll want you to go to Byzantium next.

Head to Prosperity Plaza in Byzantium and head to Jolicoeur’s Haberdashery and speak with Celeste Jolicoeur. She will offer to make an outfit for you to challenge Byzantium’s standards. She wants samples of clothes from workmen, and for you to model an Iconoclast, Marauder and Spacer gear – see the quest Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel for details.

After this, bring up that Parvati needs an outfit for her date. You can offer to pay for the outfit 6000 Bit Cartridges or Persuade (65) or Intimidate (65) to 3000 Bit Cartridges. Either way you will gain 4800 XP. You’ll get Fancy Evening Wear, Collarless.

If Jolicoeur is Dead
If she was killed during the Task: Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel then you’ll need to speak with Malini Gupta instead. You can offer to pay for the outfit 6000 Bit Cartridges or Persuade (65) or Intimidate (65) to 3000 Bit Cartridges. Either way you will gain 4800 XP.

Give Parvati the Outfit and the Date can Begin!
Speak with Parvati and give her the Evening Dress. Parvati will try to find something else you can do for Junlei, but you’ll tell her she needs to get on with it and gain 4800 more XP. Travel back to the Unreliable and speak with Parvati again, then head to Groundbreaker and speak to Parvati once more to gain a further 4800 XP.

Head to the ship’s kitchen and listen to their date and then leave the ship. Re-enter the ship and speak to Parvati to get all the details of the date, and learn they are now a couple. This will complete the quest and you will gain 28000 XP and 2500 Bit Cartridges, along with a picture of them together.

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