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The Outer Worlds Velma Ballard Quest Guide

Velma Ballard Quest Guide

She is the boss of the auto loader operators at Monarch Stellar Industries

Velma Ballard Location
She can be found in the warehouse. The building in the middle of Stellar Bay.

  1. Herrick’s Handiwork
  2. The Grimm Tomorrow
  3. The Secret People

1. Herrick’s Handiwork Walkthrough

You can meet Caleb Herrick at the second floor of The Yacht’s Club in Stellar Bay, Monarch. He will give you 1x Glacier Water and invite you to celebrate with them. They are on strike due to poor working conditions, and would like you to mediate a resolution with Velma. Accept to begin the quest, then ask him about how he is managing to learn about his bit stash, and possible blackmail.

Velma Ballard can be found at the warehouse, the large building in the middle of Stellar Bay. Talk to her and ask about Braxton to get the quest The Secret People.

Confronting Velma

You can find Velma’s terminal on the 2nd floor and use Hack (55) to access her files. You will learn she has been siphoning money from her operating budget into a personal account. Her office also has a lockbox that contains Signed Tossball Poster, that you need for The Grimm Tomorrow – but you can get this item without stealing it by doing Braxon’s quest for Velma. If you need the key for it you can Pickpocket Velma.

Go back to Velma and confront her, but she will say she has earned it by working twice as much as everyone else. You can intimidate (20) or mention that Caleb says the same thing. She will agree to give Caleb a rise. You’ll get 11,250xp

Return to Herrick and tell him he’s getting his raise, you’ll get 11250xp for the step at 15000xp for completing the quest. You’ll also get 625 Bit Cartridge and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation up.

Steal Herrick’s Stash

When talking to Velma and/or Caleb, they both mention that Caleb has a bit stash hidden away. If you go into the diner’s balcony and roof hop over one building you can find a locked bin. You’ll need Lockpick (50) in order to steal Herrick’s Stash.

Once stolen, go break the “bad news” to Caleb that his stash is missing. This will force Caleb and his crew to return to work.

Go back to Velma and tell her that you’ve resolved the problem. You’ll get 11250xp for the step at 15000xp for completing the quest. You’ll also get 625 Bit Cartridge and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation up.

Finishing The Secret People

Alternatively, if you’ve completed The Secret People, you can use Persuade (55) and mention Braxton. This will guilt Velma into giving Caleb and his crew a raise. Like the other solutions, you will still get 11250xp for the step but going back to inform Caleb will earn you an additional 11250xp and then 15000xp for completing the quest. You’ll also get 625 Bit Cartridge and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation up.

If you kill Velma you will Botch the quest and it cannot be completed.

2. The Grimm Tomorrow Walkthrough

Speak with Grimm when you first land at the Stellar Bay Landing Pad and offer to help him to gain this quest. Find Celia Robbins in Sanjar’s office, and ask her about the poster. She will say you must talk to Velma, and warns you that her patience is thin. You’ll get 5000xp.

Talk to Velma Ballard at the warehouse, and she will say that she got a better offer from Nell from the betting house. Velma has not given the poster to Nell yet, and it’s locked in her office until she receives payment. You’ll get 5200xp and can ask further about the situation. Asking to work out a deal brings three options: Intimidate (50), persuade (30) and Bribe for 834 bits. Persuade her, and she will say to help with Braxton (The Secret People quest) and then you can talk. Note that you can steal the poster from the bin in her office if you want.

You can head over the Left Field Tossball betting and talk to Nell about it You can lie (55) to her to get her to give up on the poster, or ask if you could trade. She will reveal that she lost a jersey shipment, so she would be willing to part with the poster if you get the jerseys for her.

You can come back to Velma after completing The Secret People and Persuade (20) to obtain the Signed Tossball Poster and 5200xp.

Return to Grimm at the landing pad area and give him the poster. You’ll receive 14000xp, 625 Bit Cartridge, Pro Tossball Blocker and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation.

3. The Secret People Walkthrough

You will get this quest by talking to Velma Ballard at the warehouse in Stellar Bay, Monarch. She will mention Braxton has been skipping work and is likely using drugs, and ask you to look into it. Accept to begin the quest.

Head to the apartments on the southern portion of Stellar Bay and go to the second floor. You’ll meet Laura, and you can ask her about Braxton. She will initially deny any knowledge then say that she’s after his stash. She will reveal that he’s delivering to a family that has fallen sick in a house in the ruins south of the town. Alternatively you can read an “Out for Deliveries” note to the left of Laura. You’ll get 4500xp and an updated objective.

Leave Monarch and head south toward a bridge. You’ll have to fight several Raptidon in this area. Eventually you’ll come by a house with some nice plants on the front, this is Mather Residence. Head inside, and you’ll discover this 3-floor building is inhabited by many. You’ll first meet Edgar Mather, who will welcome you in and invite you to join for dinner if you accept his hospitality without mentioning Braxton. Nearby, Levi Mather and Martha Mather can also be talked to. If you mention Braxton, none of them know him. Upstairs, you can meet Lizzie Mather, who will ask you if you have “Rocket Candies”. You can lie (1) and she will mention someone else used to bring the candies. Apparently Martha and Edgar got into an argument with Braxton over the deliveries.

You can also read Levi Mather’s Poetry Journal in his room for some insight. On the third floor, there’s a locked door that can be opened with Mather House Key (pickpocketed or looted from Edgar) or lockpicked. Open this door to find a headless corpse within, which has been dismembered and likely prepared for “dinner”. Loot the body to obtain Braxton Hecht’s Work ID, Supper Time and obtain 4500xp.

Head downstairs and Edgar will stop you, realizing you are aware of the truth. You can Lie (35) that you’ll send more meals his way, resolving the conflict for 4500xp. Alternatively you can intiate combat or be rude to them, and kill them all for 4500xp. Your companions will likely approve of killing them.

You can also unlock the 2F door to exit the house without ever having to talk to Edgar.

Once you’re out, you can head back to Velma to report your findings, but while you’re here, you are near an objective for BOLT with His Name so check on it first if you haven’t done so yet.

Return to Velma and giver her Braxton Hecht’s Work ID, you’ll get 4500xp for the step and 15000xp for the quest, 625 Bit Cartridge and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation.

Now that you’ve completed this quest, you can Persuade (20) Velma to give you the poster for The Grimm Tomorrow.

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