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The Outer Worlds Vicar Max Companions Guide

The Outer Worlds is the latest RPG from renowned developer, Obsidian Entertainment. Like most RPGs, the game features companions that you can take with you.

Before we dive into where and how to find companions, you need to know a few things. You can only have two active companions with you so chose carefully. You can swap companions if you don’t feel that a particular companion in the Outer Worlds doesn’t suit your play style.

Not only that, each companion in the game has perk bonuses and abilities. Companion perks grant bonuses to players and with each level, your companion unlocks a new perk. Each companion features a perk that grants party bonuses. This allows players to chose companions that best suit their play style.

The Outer Worlds Companions also have abelites which only unlock if your Determination skill is over 20. As you level up Leadership skills for your character the more companion abilities unlock.

Vicar Max Companions Guide

After you recruit him he would be present on the 2nd floor of the unreliable ship in his room. You can inquire about his life and motivations from him and he would describe himself as, “Run of the mill vicar with a violently enthusiastic disposition”. He became a Vicar against the advice of his laborer parents and left them with the believe that the “Plan” cannot be broken like an elastic band. It has the ability to stretch a long way before having any serious repercussions and this is what he has spent his life on. He reveals that Philosophsim which Boku’s legacy religion is the counter to Scientism because of the belief that everything is chaos and not a plan.

You would also have to ask him about a translator and he would suggest someone in the Groundbreaker who will unlock the quest, “The Empty Man”.

Recruiting Vicar Max

In order to recruit him you would have to talk to him at Edgewater in the Emerald Vale, Parvati will suggest this to you during “Comes Now the Power”. You would have to accept his quest of getting a forbidden book form the Collector’s office.

Talk to him after finishing this quest in Edgewater and he will ask you to join you and you will accept in order to recruit him.

Perks and Abilities

  • Ability: Trickshot

Unique Perks

  • Bonus Support Hack: Hack increased by 10.
  • Sermon: Dialog Combat Effect Duration increased by 20%.
  • Mad Max: Science Weapon Damage increased by 20%.
  • Tuned In: Drug Effect Duration increased by 50%.

Companion Quest

Vicar Max has a companion quest called The Empty Man. The book you returned to him, he needs to translate it. Vicar max tells you that he knows a man who can translate. This quest will take you through from the Groundbreaker to Scylla. Completing this quest also reveals a bit about Max’s past.

  • Recruit: The Illustrated Manual
  • Personal: The Empty Man

The Empty Man Quest Guide

This Companion Quest will only be available if you complete The Illustrated Manual and recruit Vicar Max.

First, you will have to locate the Groundbreaker’s security terminal as Max believes that he can track the scholar if he gains access to a data cartridge from the terminal.

As the security office will be in a restricted area, you will have to find a Mardet ID cartridge to use the Holographic Shroud.

Once you’re at the terminal, remove the Data Cartridge and give it to Max. He will hack the cartridge to track the scholar’s location. The scholar will be located in a rented domicile in Fallbrook on Monarch.

Head to the scholar’s location along with Max. Once you’re at the location, you will find out that the scholar, Reginal Chaney will not be home, which is why you will have to search his place for any possible hints about where he might have gone to.

Upon searching, you will find a note in his domicile, that will tell you that Chaney has be in search for gold from a river located in the outskirts of the town.

Go to the river with Max, where you will find out that a scholar is a different person whom Max met in prison. Max will want to talk to the hermit, who originally owned the Journal.

After this, you will have to enter the Philosophist-hermit’s chamber for meditation and take part in the meditative aid. This will allow you to experience a vision quest alongside Max, in which you will have to help Max navigate through the vision and quest and aid him in completing it by confronting his hallucinations.

Once Max finishes hallucinating, talk to him and see if he has found the answers that he had been in search of.

You will get over two thousand (2,200) Bit Cartridge, over nineteen thousand (19,200) XP, and at the completion of this quest you will also be given Incense Vessel, which is a quest item in The Outer Worlds.

The Illustrated Manual Walkthrough

You will obtain this quest by talking to Vicar Max in Edgewater. Ask him about the journal and he will reveal what it is about and the reasons for his interest.

Abandoned Outpost
To find this item, you’ll have to travel north of Edgewater, toward the Abandoned Outpost location. There are Marauder enemies in the area, that you should defeat unless your stealth is quite high.

You can loot the area in addition to picking the item. You’ll get Bit Cartridge, Bolter Pistol, Armor Parts, Mag-Pick, Adreno, Weapon Parts, Bypass Shunt, Shock Cannon, Light Ammo, Heavy Ammo, Pep Pills, Adrena-Time, Energy Cells, Spacer’s Corona, 2-Hour Energy Brew, Tossball Card Tyson Christensen, Mock Apple Juice, Dehydrated Water Tablets, Necklace,

A Lockbox on the top level of the building with your destination has a Revolver, 3 Adreno and Bit Cartridge. A lockbox on the street has a Revolver, Bit Cartridge and Pep Pills.

You can access a terminal belonging to Clement Elridge, that give some insight into the game’s theology. Go through the door by the terminal and examine the nearby hand terminal to read Collector’s Letter. It will reveal the books are stashed away in a cave over by the river. You will gain 2400xp.

Transport Wreckage
The Cave the manual is in is near the Transport Wreckage point of interest on your map and is called River Hideout once you discover it. Watch out for the traps and pick the vault to find the Journal of M. Bakonu. You’ll gain 2400 XP for picking up the the book, and further 4800 XP for returning it, alongside significant Spacer’s Choice reputation.

Vicar Max will be upset that the book is in French, as he had hoped the book would help him solve “The Plan” and is the only reason he got himself assigned to the Emerald Vale. He even reveals he has utter contempt for the locals and asks if he can be of use to your crew in order to get off-planet in search for a translator. He is good at hacking, blunt weapons and guns! Accept his offer to have Vicar Max join you as a Companion. You will not be able to use him until you??

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