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The Shapeshifting Detective – 100% Achievement Guide

A guide on how to get every achievement in The Shapeshifting Detective. The game requires at least two playthroughs to get all the achievements, so please play through the game blind for the first time to get the full experience out of it.

100% Achievement Guide

Play It Again Sam
You need to learn when to keep your mouth shut.

Choose the very first dialogue option in the game.

Strong Silent Type
You deleted a question!

Delete the very first dialogue option by holding down the trash can icon.

Play Me By The Hour
You made it through the first hour.

Go to the next chapter and listen to the first hourly radio show.

Patient Listener
You listened to Lexie’s ouija board theory.

As Sam, let Lexie finish her explanation of ouija boards.

Video Saved The Radio Star
You saved Ellis.

Most options will save her, as far as I experienced she only dies if you leave her with Danny.

Hashtag Winning
Agent X augmented you!

Survive the game and don’t break Agent X’s rules. This means you can’t reveal yourself as a shapeshifting detective. There are two shapeshift reveals with two seperate achievements, namely “Heavy Rayne” and “Show Me Some Skin”. Check out those achievements for more information.

Look Mum I’m A Detective
Picked Dorota’s murderer first time.

As with The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker, the killer is randomized between the characters. Some dialogue is different with each killer, so if you don’t manage to get it right during your first playthrough try to replay the game as soon as possible and see which character has another story.

You shifted into everyone!

Shift into every adult character you meet face to face, namely Chief Dupont, Violet, Ellis, Lexie, Bronwyn, Rayne, Oscar, Zak and Poe. You can only shift into someone once you’ve spoken to them as Sam and you can only shapeshift into people if they aren’t busy during an hour.

Bronwyn says she’s immortal.

Shapeshift into Lexie and visit Bronwyn during the third chapter. Bronwyn tells you that you don’t have to worry about her and you get a dialogue option that says “…because you’re immortal?”.

A Woman Scorned
You pushed Violet’s buttons.

During the first chapter, visit Violet with every single character, choose all the options that ask her questions and sound accusatory. Then you need to visit her again as Sam and you’ll get a cutscene of her calling Dupont to complain about everyone bothering her.

You Had One Job
You told Oscar you were a Shapeshifting Detective.

The first time you meet Oscar, pick the “I am a shapeshifting detective.” option. He will think you’re just trying to mess with him, so it shouldn’t count as going against Agent X’s rules.

You got punched by Poe.

Shapeshift into Zak and visit Ellis the first time she shows up. Ask her to pose for you. Next chapter, shapeshift into Zak again and visit Poe the first time he shows up. He’ll punch you immediately.

Book ’em Danny
You got the Chief to lock people up.

For this achievement you need to get both Bronwyn and Lexie arrested. Show no sympathy for Lexie lying about her alibi, more specifically call it an “obstruction of justice”. You can then tell Dupont about both of them lying and he’ll have them both arrest during the next chapter.

Put A Ring On It
Congrats, you’re getting married!

Shapeshift into Ellis and visit Poe when he first shows up. Say Yes to his inital question and then go down the road of saying you love only him, that you want to be with him and then accept his proposal.

Oscar Winning Performance
You got freaky with Oscar.

During the second chapter, shapeshift into Bronwyn and visit Oscar. He will ask you on a date, say yes and meet him at your room. Tell him to get on the bed and choose to “get freaky” with him.

You watched all of Dorota’s videos.

Zak has two videos of Dorota. You need to visit him as Sam and follow a very specific dialogue:

  • You photographed Dorota?
  • Do you know where she lives?
  • Was that the only time you met Dorota?
  • What do you see?
  • Did you take any other photos of Dorota?
  • Violet told me.
  • Boudoir photography?
  • Yes.
  • Sure
  • Show me

The achievement should pop up once you pick the “Show me” option. This all happens during the first time you meet Zak, so it’s very easy to mess up the conversation with him and miss all of this.

You left Ellis alone with Danny.

Very straightforward, just send Danny to look after Ellis once you get the choice.

Heavy Rayne
Rayne gets cross with Bron…

This is another very specific achievement. For this one Rayne needs to call Bronwyn while you’re in his room as Bronwyn. To do that, shapeshift into Bronwyn and visit him. It’s probably easier to get this achievement in your second playthrough, because to reveal yourself as a shapeshifter you need to constantly pick dialogue options that make no sense as Bronwyn – like not knowing what a traveller is or what happened in Birmingham. Once you’ve picked the wrong option one too many times, Rayne gets suspicious of you and tries to call Bronwyn. You get the option to stay in the room or leave before he does – you need to stay to get the achievement.

The Big Sleep
You got yourself killed.

Be murdered. First, choose the wrong killer to get the confrontation with the real one. With each killer you get two people to shapeshift into. One option will get you killed. Most outcomes should be obvious.

Show Me Some Skin
You went all the way with Zak’s photoshoot.

Shapeshift into Lexie and visit Zak. There will be one dialogue option with a trash can, delete it and Zak will ask you to pose for him. Accept and say yes to anything he offers and suggests as well.

This isn’t important for this achievement, but if you send Lexie to Zak after doing this, she will know you’re a shapeshifter and it’ll stop you from getting the “Hashtag Winning” achievement.

You kicked Zak in the sack.

After you investigated everything about Dorota and Zak (re: Voyeur), visit Oscar and tell him about the photos. When he asks you whether they slept together, say yes. Wait for the next chapter, shapeshift into Oscar and visit Zak. You get to confront him about it and can then kick him after you’re done.

Written by Riedy

2 thoughts on “The Shapeshifting Detective – 100% Achievement Guide”

  1. About (The Big Sleep) trophy *Spoilers*
    The only way I know of, that you can get yourself killed as sam, is that Rayne has to be the killer, and when he confront you, you should turn into him. Then he’ll think that you’re the traveler and stab you to death.
    I tried both options with Zac and Violet… it didn’t work.

  2. Having same problem with Big Sleep… I have all trophies except this one. I’ve played the game through at least 10 times, and I just can’t get myself killed!
    Zac or Violet is always the killer, and both options from either of them just don’t get me killed.


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