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The Slater All Achievements / Full Walkthrough

A quick achievement guide for a relatively quick game.


This is a pretty quick game if you steamroll through it but you may miss some of the achievements during your playthrough. Luckily you can go back and play levels again after you have beaten them. Let’s begin!

All Achievements

Level 1 (Mad Marco’s)

This is the tutorial level.

Junkie: Just follow the instructions of the tutorial and you will get this achievement.

Death to dealers: Complete level 1.

Level 2 (The Kellers)

Party hard: You must sneak in to the house opposite of the Kellers’ and take the invitation from the table.Gardener: Once inside the Kellers’ property, go inside the shed and start the mower. This acts as a distraction to draw a guard towards your location.

Poisoner: Find the rat poison on the property (one is in the garage) and slip it into Mrs. Keller’s wine glass located in the kitchen. Note that Mrs. Keller does not have to drink the wine, the achievement is only for putting the poison in the glass.

Saboteur: Achievable on multiple levels, its probably easiest on level 2. Shoot out all the cameras without anyone seeing you or sneak in to the upstairs room with the security guards and turn the cameras off with the laptop on the desk.

The party’s over: Complete level 2.

Level 3 (Boobsies Club)

Let’s cook: Put on one of the hazmat suits the cooks are wearing in the basement. There is a single cook that walks around the level, you can kill him quietly by waiting after he delivers the box to the vehicle in the loading area and makes his way back to the lab.The last dance: Complete level 3

Level 4 (Ciccio’s Spa)

Call repairman: Once down in the basement where the Albert Einstein-looking mark is working, to the left of the lab is a room with a ventilator unit you can sabotage in order to lure a guard to you.

No more science: Complete level 4.

Level 5 (The Dungeon)

Hunter: Right at the start of the level if you walk forward you should see a group of birds chilling out on the ground. Shoot one. Be wary of pedestrians walking around. You may be able to achieve this on other levels.

Chit chat: From the starting location of the level, look to the right and follow the alleyway until you get to another open area. You should see a bum laying against the wall ahead of you. Walk close and he will begin to talk, after the conversation the achievement will pop. Note that you can hang around here for a bit and snag a police uniform from a patrolling cop.

What the?: Infiltrate the police precinct (get the cop uniform as mentioned above) and go to the second floor. To the left of the restricted area where the DEA agent is hanging out is a server room which requires a keycard. Enter it and trigger the alarm which will cause the DEA agent’s guards to leave allowing you access to that area.

Got it: Complete level 5.

Level 6 (Vindict Hotel)

Rodent control: This may be achievable on other levels. On floor B2 after you have infiltrated the guarded area there is a rat to the left of the cluster of guards watching the TV. If you miss the rat walk a short distance away and when you come back it will scurry across the floor again. When you shoot make sure you are not seen!You asked for it: On floor B2, shoot the guy tied up in the chair after the cutscene.

Dead end: Complete level 6.

Missing achievements

Haven’t gotten these yet:

Grand theft auto: Not sure about this one. I suspect you need to either shoot or activate a car as a distraction to lure a guard away.

True observer: I believe this is done on level 5, something about watching the mark in the club The Dungeon.

Written by senornacho

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