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The Suicide of Rachel Foster Achievements Guide

The Suicide of Rachel Foster Achievements

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!

The Suicide of Rachel Foster is an atmospheric walking simulator with a total of eleven achievements. Six of them are story-related and the others are connected to different actions.


  • All achievements are listed in chronological order.
  • Choices don’t affect achievements.
  • Open the map (M | Tab) to see your current objective.

Video-walkthrough (without achievements):

Story-related Achievements

“Nice” to meet you
Make first contact with Irving.

Freeze to death
Get stuck in the fridge room.

Is she really dead?
Complete day 4.

Find the screwdriver.

Someone was here
Access the secret room.

Complete day 9.

Missable Achievements

Pack Rat
Get all items.

You have to find all twelve items:

  • Management key [story-related]
  • Strange telephone [story-related]
  • Bean soup [story-related]
  • Polaroid (Day 3, after leaving your room on the left)
  • Flashlight (Day 3, next to the crawlspace door)
  • Lipstick [story-related]
  • Screwdriver [story-related]
  • Parabolic microphone (Day 6, in room 117)
  • Music box key [story-related]
  • Small medal [story-related]
  • Car key [story-related]
  • Blanket [stroy-related]

Have an “intriguing” chat.

During day 6 – before getting the screwdriver – enter the women’s restrooms on the ground floor.

Get a date.

At the beginning of day 7, interact with the Christmas tree:


Wait for the end of the conversation before leaving the Master Suite.

Ghost Hunters
Listen to the Hotel whispers.

After leaving the Master Suite on day 7, equip the parabolic microphone (3) and use it by holding RMB. Wander around the hotel.

All together, again
Complete the game.

At the end of the game you will sit in your car and try to kill yourself. After starting the car, don’t do anything. Just wait.

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Written by Hanni

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