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The Surge 2 How to Defeat Violent Vic

The Surge 2 bosses are spatial enemies with their own dedicated battle arenas and a bid health bar too. They have a variety of special moves and abilities. And for every boss, you need to be well prepared and choose your armor, gear, weapons and combat drone very carefully to defeat these formidable foes.

How to Defeat Violent Vic

Violent Vic is the first boss you will face in the game, at JCPD Armory – Detention Center. This boss has armor all over his body except his head, that automatically makes his head most vulnerable part to attack.

You need to use Limb targeting system and just aim to his head when you attack. Violent Vic uses equalizer and attacks with a combo, you just need to dodge that and when he is recovering make your move.

Repeat this until you defeat the boss. By defeating him, you will get Keycard to Officer Johnson and 100 tech scrap.

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