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The Surge 2 Liberation Walkthrough

During your playthrough of The Surge 2, you will run into a few side quests you can do. Some of these are easy to complete, and others have hidden objectives.

Liberation Walkthrough

You can find Rex again at the top of the Power plant. Start on reactor level 2 and on the catwalk there is a railing missing and across a small gap a door that can be forced open.

Go through the door and you are in a tunnel of sorts with a container truck and a Spark Fanatic, to your right is a force lift, take the lift up to the platform. To your left when you land is a mag lift go up that, you will be placed on a catwalk on the outside of the power plant, follow it around to the left. There will be a door to your left, don’t go in there yet.

Go straight and to the left where there is a item Chest and a SPARK aspirant. Now go back to that door and take the stairs down to where the 3 Enemies are, kill them. There is a door to the left of the Hologram and opposite the door are stairs going down 1 more level to a item chest. Go through the door and turn right then go up the stairs.

You will find Rex locked in a cage at the top of the stairs and if you talk with him you can choose to start the side quest Liberation which has you find a key from the prison guard to free Rex.

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  1. what kind of a god dang walkthrough for a quest tells you how to start it and nothing else? nobody’s here to find out how to start the quest, ya goof

    • The key to his cell can be found in the Ritual Cleansing area via the mag lift. A non-hostile chanting guard will be up there if you agreed to help Rex and if you choose the option related to the plastic rose the guard will give you the keycard. The magnetic lift itself can only be activated from above it through a shortcut that you can only activate from the boss tower. Be careful because if you do this the first time you reach the area there will also be a hostile Spark Aspirant behind the crate just around the guard.

  2. After you free Rex from his cell you can find bothe Rex and April in front of the med station at Gateway Bravo after everything goes to hell to complete this questline


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