The Surge 2 The Challenge of the Spark Walkthrough

The Surge 2 Side Quest Guide

During your playthrough of The Surge 2, you will run into a few side quests you can do. Some of these are easy to complete, and others have hidden objectives.

The Challenge of the Spark Walkthrough

When you get to the Oratory area of the Cathedral of the Spark, there will a door that opens by activating the control panel of ‘Pump B’ and then draining the water in that area again.

You will meet Brother Kwizman here who wants to test what you know about the Spark. These the questions he will ask along with the answers:

  • What does the Spark look like? – An angelic lightning bolt.
  • Which acolyte was boiled to death by an unholy interloper? – Little Johnny.
  • The Spark will strike… – The world will change!

Upon giving the right answers you will become a member of the Children of Spark by passing the initiation ritual and your reward would be a weapon called Brother Truman’s Faith.

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