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The Surge 2 The Puppet Master Walkthrough

During your playthrough of The Surge 2, you will run into a few side quests you can do. Some of these are easy to complete, and others have hidden objectives.

The Puppet Master Walkthrough

This quest starts from the Gideon’s Rock, Hunter’s Overlook after talking to Roach. You’ll need to find 3 audio logs for him about the Hunter insurgence. Here’s where you can find them:

  • The first one is present in Gideon’s rock, Mustang Hils near the main park entrance in the lower part of this area on the backside of the Nanite Spatter. On the left side of the door below the main observation platform.
  • The second one is near the central crossing, close to the magnetic lift behind the hunting camp.
  • Defeat Captain Cervantes near the Boar Trail to get this log.

Go back to Roach with the logs and finish the quest to get a Large Pile of Metal Scrap as a reward.

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