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The Surge PC Keyboard Controls

Note that you have the option to rebind all the controls on controller and Mouse/Keyboard.

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PC Keyboard Controls

Controls in The Surge are simple and intuitive. It does not require major remapping, but it is, of course, possible. The controls presented below are the default ones.

  • Movement: WASD
  • Sprint: SHIFT + W
  • Dodge, Jump (while running): Space
  • Block: Q
  • Interaction / Execution: E
  • Equipment: I
  • Switch active implant: C
  • Use implant: F
  • Light: R
  • Drone Attack: 1
  • Change Drone Ability: 2
  • Game Menu: ESC

Mouse Controls

  • Left Click: Horizontal Attack
  • Right Click: Vertical Attack
  • Mouse Wheel Up/Down: Switching Between Limbs (while aiming)
  • Mouse Wheel Click: Lock Target

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