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The Surge Xbox One Controls

Note: That you have the option to rebind all the controls on controller and Mouse/Keyboard.

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Xbox One Controls

Every control option on the Xbox One version of The Surge.

  • Left Stick: Moving
  • Right Stick: Looking Around
  • Right Stick Down: Switch between limbs (while aiming)
  • RT: Horizontal attack
  • RB: Vertical Attack
  • LT: Target Lock
  • LB: Block
  • Left Stick Down: Jump (while running)
  • B: Use implant
  • Hold B: Cycle throught implants
  • X: Interaction / Execution
  • A: Dodge / Sprint
  • Y: Drone attack
  • D-Pad Down: Light
  • D-Pad Up: Change drone ability
  • D-Pad Right: Switch implant
  • D-Pad Left: Switch weapon
  • Back: Equipment
  • Start: Game Menu


  • X – Skip / Advance dialogue
  • B – Exit conversation
  • D-pad – Select conversation option (Recent Bioware / Bethesda style of 4 choices)
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