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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Gas Station Guide

A detailed guide on how to handle the Gas Station map (mostly for the Family).

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Gas Station Guide

A detailed guide to Gas Station with as much information as I could gather for now as well as some personal tips that might help you handle it more easily.

I should mention that this guide is mostly going to be for Family since I main Cook and as such lack knowledge when it comes to playing Victim, however if there’s anything you think could be added to help our favorite walking meals, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll consider updating the guide.

That being said I do think there’s still some useful info for Victims in this guide, if only the map itself and the knowledge of some strategies for the Family so they know what to expect.

Map layout

A guide to the Gas Station
The map was provided by the game’s official website which has maps for all the current locations:


  • Green lines are doors
  • Red lines are doors which are always locked at the start of the game
  • Purple lines and text are the different exits and their names (basement exit excluded)
  • Locks are tips for Cook players (detailed in the respective section below)
  • Cars are the 2 spawns for the car battery
  • Lightning is the generator
  • Top hats are the 2 spawns for Grandpa
  • Numbers are places ans positions which I feel are important and will be detailed in their respective sections below

Note : I have not marked valve spawns and fuse spawns since they’re randomized and I do not know all the possible locations as the moment, I will add them in time or if anyone can let me know the spawns they know about.

There is no available map for the basement areas of any location but if anyone is willing to make one I could surely add it to the guide.

Generator area

The Generator Area is probably the most important of the whole map for both sides, there are two escapes here, including one which is extremely easy to escape from since all you need is a lockpick, so needless to say Connie excels at taking care of that one.

However it’s also extremely easy to hold out this whole part of the map with a single family member, even more so if you have a Cook on your team who knows about it.

If a family member patrols around position (1), it’s basically impossible for any single Victim to lockpick their way in here unless they use Connie’s ability or they have some very good coordination with their teammates.

On top of that both a Valve and Fuse can spawn in here (sometimes both at once unless I’m mistaken), and the pressure tank in front of it, so a single family member can protect 2+ exits by themselves, while also making some trips to collect nearby blood, feed grandpa and check around the house a bit. This single strategy makes the map much more manageable and prevents what I will call “Connie rushing” if done properly. Do make sure to let your teammates know they don’t need to come help you with it for more efficiency and ensure they focus on the other more complicated exits to defend.

Note : you shouldn’t stand there like a boulder the whole game either, make sure to patrol and if Victims start trying to force other exits go lend a hand. This strategy is strong but not impossible to beat and smart Victims will know what you’re trying to do.

Rear/Car battery Area

That part of the map is probably the hardest to manage, most coordinated teams tend try to either rush basement escape or force their way through here, which means that it’s also important to have someone patrol this area, preferably not Cook since he’s more efficient near the generator and is too slow to defend both entrances to this area. Patrolling from one gate to the other from position (2) while keeping an eye on the house and it’s surroundings is usually good enough since Victims will have to go in the Central Area of the map and they also have to lockpick their way through one of the gates to get to the Rear Area, so as long as the locks are still here you don’t need to go check on it.

There’s usually only 2 blood buckets in the area so it’s not worth it to stick around in here anyway.

Central Area + Basement

That’s where a good Leatherface/Bubba is going to be extremely important (like on other maps honestly), he’s the one who handles those places the best due to the abundance of obstacles, and since there’s quite a few wells around the map it’s important for him to clear everything he can and patrol it to prevent Victims to gather resources too easily and get a few kills if he can.
Bubba can obviously give a helping hand to his teammates if needed and check on the fuse box to prevent a basement escape.

Not much else to say, Bubba’s job is pretty straightforward even if extremely important and efficient.

Cook tips

Now this part is going to be more of my personal opinion on how to play Cook on this map specifically as well as giving a few general tips for him.

You will want to start the game by collecting some blood immediately in front of you, then go gather all the blood you can in the Generator Area and lock both of the gates that lead to it (see lock symbols on the map) as fast as you can.

That means your teammate HAS to be the one to go turn on the car battery right at the start of the game since you’re way too slow to do it and lock up everything. If they don’t spawn near it (only Johnny at the moment I believe), then do ask them to go turn it on, communication is key and if you have to waddle all the way over here then it’s going to make things much more complicated.

Once you’re done with your setup you will have one lock left, you can either use it on the Rear Escape or on one of the gates that lead to the Rear Area. If one of the Victims manages to make it into the Generator Area somehow, go check out the door to the Road Escape ASAP and put your last lock on it since it’s likely they will try to get out through that one. Do let your teammates know if someone made it in here and let the door marked (3) opened to be able to check on the exit more easily. From there you’ll just have to patrol the place as best as you can, or let one of your teammates handle it since you can’t use your ability too well due to the noise of the generator.

If you end up needing to move away from your gate patrolling, either to help your teammates or give blood to grandpa if he spawns inside the house, you can use your focus ability (default key is middle mouse button / mouse button 3) to highlight your teammates, nearby objectives and blood buckets, Grandpa, but most importantly you can use it to see your own locks, this means you can still keep an eye out on those gates from anywhere on the map as long as you use it every few seconds. If one of your locks is no longer here, that means the respective gate has been opened. If that happens you know what to do.

If you have your ability at level 3 this strategy becomes even more efficient since you can highlight Victims from afar to let your teammates know where they are and get them killed while still remaining in your patrol route. (This is of course assuming you picked the level 3 upgrade to let your teammates see people you find with your ability, which you should because it’s the only good one anyway.)

Additionally, Cook is very slow, so use the element of surprise to your advantage.
Pretend to be oblivious when approaching a hiding Victim, use your power to find someone nearby without revealing them so they don’t know that you know they’re here, call for backup if needed and ambush them, use a spare lock to block an escape route and get someone trapped.
You’ll rarely catch up to a Victim as Cook so you have to play smart.
But by far the most important tip is to use voice chat to make callouts on Victim positions and escapes you think might need to be checked.


That more or less sums up everything I’ve learned about Gas Station so far, along with the power of area denial when possible (looking at you Slaughterhouse).

If things change or people share useful stuff with me I’ll do my best to update the guide for everyone’s convenience, so feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comments, do try to keep things civil and relevant though pretty please.

Good luck to everyone and I hope I was able to help you understand that map better regardless of which side you decide to play.

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