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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Sissi Guide

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Sissi Guide

Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide for playing Sissi in your favorite role-playing game! Sissi, a charming and enigmatic character, offers players a unique and exciting gameplay experience. This guide is designed to help newcomers get started with Sissi, providing essential tips, strategies, and insights to make your journey through the game more enjoyable and successful.


Main Ability Passive:

Sissi’s passive ability allows her to apply poison to various objects, including healing items, fuses, and valves. This ability can be upgraded to affect more objects.

Sissi Beginner Guide

To apply poison, you’ll need to collect Powder, which can be found at different stations around the map. You start the game with 3 Powders in your inventory.

Sissi Beginner Guide

Main Ability Active

Sissi’s active ability lets her create a Poison Cloud that marks victims and impairs their vision and movement. With upgrades, this ability can even cause victims to lose items when they pass through it. It’s a powerful tool for tracking down victims by revealing their location to everyone on the map. Using the Poison Cloud consumes 1 Powder.

Sissi Beginner Guide

Middle Mouse Button

Sissi’s “Focus” ability is invaluable for locating essential items on the map, such as Powders, Fuses, and Valves, which are crucial for setting up her poison traps..


Sissi excels as a Killer when it comes to feeding GrandPa. In just 5 minutes, you can bring GrandPa to Level 5 if the victims are attempting to stealth. This means they can’t hide from your team, and your chances of winning the game are significantly boosted.

As you progress through the game with Sissi, remember to manage your Powders effectively, utilize your Poison Cloud strategically, and make the most of your Focus ability to ensure your team’s success.

Early Game

Spawn Point

Upon starting your round, you typically spawn near the car battery exit. Your initial objective should be to activate the car battery’s power. On some maps, you might need to walk a short distance to reach the car battery. You can easily locate the battery by following the yellow cable to the broken car.

Sissi Beginner Guide

Poison & Blood

After turning on the power, collect any blood you find in buckets while heading towards Grandpa.

Sissi Beginner Guide

Poison every object you come across.

Sissi Beginner Guide

Be sure to pick up any Powder you encounter. Sometimes, you can even obtain 2 Powders from a single station.

Sissi Beginner Guide

Don’t forget to lock the gates behind you to secure your progress.


When you reach GrandPa, aim to have collected 100 or more Blood. If you haven’t, continue searching for it. If you do have enough blood, give it to GrandPa. This action will bring him to Level 1 and start the process of him discovering your victims.


The Victims are Free from the Basement

When the victims have escaped from the basement, your primary focus should be poisoning their objectives. Do this when you don’t see anyone nearby to avoid detection. Periodically, check the car battery extraction point, especially on maps where it’s easily accessible to the victims. Always remember to close and lock doors behind you, even though you can’t lock some doors.

Sissi Beginner Guide

While poisoning the objectives, make sure to pick up blood as your secondary priority. Sissi is the most effective character for leveling up Grandpa, and you should aim to keep your Blood Vial in check. It fills up quickly after 3-4 bucket harvests.

Sissi Beginner Guide

The ultimate goal is to level up Grandpa to Level 5. At this stage, he will continuously reveal the locations of all victims every few seconds. Marking the victims for your team is your primary role as Sissi.

We found a Victim

If you come across a victim, consider using your Poison Cloud ability to mark them for your teammates. Chasing victims is usually straightforward for Sissi, as you can follow them anywhere except when they’re vaulting objects. If they attempt to outmaneuver you by vaulting repeatedly, use your Poison Cloud to deter them, and soon enough, Buba will be there to assist.

Sissi Beginner Guide


Everything is Poisoned & GrandPa is Level 5:

Congratulations, you’ve achieved your goal. Everything is poisoned, and GrandPa has reached Level 5. Now it’s time to hunt down the victims.

Hunting Strategy:

Focus on the victims who are close to an exit. These are the ones you should prioritize. Use your Poison Cloud to mark them and repeatedly attack.

Utilize your Poison Cloud strategically to block off areas. Victims fear the cloud, even if it doesn’t initially harm them (unless you’ve upgraded it), but it will prevent them from hiding.

Sissi Beginner Guide
Keep in mind that Sissi’s strength doesn’t lie in close combat quick-time events, and she’s vulnerable to bone scrap attacks. Your role in the end-game is to chase down the victims to prevent them from opening the exits.

In the end-game phase, coordination with your team becomes crucial. Use your abilities to disrupt the victims’ plans and make it difficult for them to escape. By doing so, you’ll increase your team’s chances of victory. Good luck hunting!

Tips and Tricks

As you may know, each Killer has one special ability that is unlocked by leveling up GrandPa. However, there’s a key tip to keep in mind when feeding GrandPa:

If you give Grandpa a certain amount of blood, such as 90 blood followed by 120 blood, you will skip the Level 1 ability, and it will not be unlocked. Therefore, it’s crucial to manage the amount of blood you give to GrandPa carefully.

To optimize your Killer abilities and fully unlock them, ensure that you provide blood incrementally and avoid overfeeding GrandPa, which could lead to the loss of certain abilities. This can be a game-changer in maximizing your effectiveness as a Killer. Good luck in your pursuit of victory!

Sissi Beginner Guide

The 1st ability got skipped.

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