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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Tips to Gain Points/XP (Victims)

I know a lot of people just find the quickest way to escape and don’t understand how to score high points/xp, so here are a few tips on how to score higher in your games to level up faster!

Tips to Gain Points/XP

  • Cutting noise makers down (use a bone scrap to do this).
  • Killing chickens (use a bone scrap to do this).
  • Healing Teammates.
  • Using your abilities.
  • Escaping (obviously).
  • Opening up other escapes (you get points for doing this even if you don’t use this escape route here are some examples: putting the fuse in the box, opening the basement door, putting valve on the pump, starting the air pressure, kicking the generator, or turning off the battery).
  • Stunning the killers (with perks or with the bone scrap).
  • Staying together (sticking around your other “victims” will gain you more points).
  • Unlocking multiple doors (if you can get away with it try unlocking as many basement doors as possible before leaving).
  • Staying in a killers radius or having them chase you.
  • Stabbing grandpa.
  • Escape with other “victims” (try to work as a team and get out together, the more that escape the more points).
  • Escape last (let all your other teammates escape before you do, be the last man standing).
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I’m sure there is more I just can’t think of anything else off the top of my head, but these are the basics to start getting 2-2.5k points/xp a game to help you start leveling up faster!

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