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The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode 2 All Collectible Locations

Episode 2 Collectibles with screenshots provided.

Collectible #1 – Boar Skull

After your return to the school, you will start helping the group to defend themselves from Lilly’s invasion. You will be sent to get barbed wire from the abandoned green house with Ruby and Mitch.

Once you go to the green house, you need to find a way in, hence the free roam ability. The first collectible is a boar skull, located behind Ruby in the grass.

Collectible #2 – Mushroom

Once you find your way in and fought away the zombies, you will once again be in a free roam mode.

The room will contain a few planter boxes and in one of them mushrooms will grow. First option you will have is to pick the mushroom. After, you will get the red option to eat the mushroom, which unlocks the “Edible” achievement.

Colletible #3 – Venus Flytrap

After exploring inside the green house, you will come across a barricaded door.

This door leads to a second section of the green house – a classroom. After you interact with Ruby, look to your left side – there will be a Venus Flytrap sitting in a pot waiting for its new owner. (screenshots will be provided soon)

After you have collected all three, you will unlock the “Gatherer” achivement. Placing all three of the collectibles will be provided in the night of that same day.

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