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The Witcher 3: Crime and Punishment Walkthrough

Crime and Punishment Walkthrough

Start Location: At the very centre of the northern shore of Ard Skellig.

The start location for this side-quest can be a little tricky to find due to its remoteness. Essentiually if you look at the map of the Skellige Isles, look at the northern coastline of Ard Skellig (the large central island). You’ll spot a section of land jutting out at around the centre point of the island – just north of the northernmost lake of Ard Skellig’s interior and the town of Rogne (if you have been there before). We’ll need to take a boat (or swim if you really want to!) to reach it.

As you near this location, a ‘!’ quest icon will appear on the map and you’ll see a group of three level 18 harpies attacking a man named Yorg who has been chained to a rock. Quickly hop off your boat and dispatch the monsters to start the side-quest.

Once the Harpies have been dealt with, our objectives will update. We’ll need to speak with Yorg. During the conversation you’ll be given a pair of options which will affect the outcome of the side-quest. They include:

  1. “I believe you…” – Geralt will free Yorg and the quest will be marked as complete.
  2. “I don’t believe you…” – You’ll fail the side-quest.

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