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The Witcher 3: Fists of Fury Skellige Walkthrough

Fists of Fury Skellige Walkthrough

Start Location: This quest can be acquired via a notice posted on the Kaer Trolde Harbour Notice board on Ard Skellig.

This is the third ‘Fist of Fury’ side-quest and like the previous ones in Velen and Novigrad it is short, relatively easy and probably won’t cause you too much grief (as long as you are at the recommended level). The side-quest requires that you track down a series of challengers and best them in hand-to-hand combat.

As you approach each of the challengers, you need to speak with the Fightmaster or Bookie (depending on location) nearby to set up a fight. You can find the fighters in the following locations:

Valgard –This fellow can be found outside of the inn Yennefer was staying in in Kaer Trolde Harbour. Before the fight, your opponent will ask you to take a dive – it’s up to you whether you do or not (you can simply fight him again afterwards, so it’s no big deal). When you get around to fighting him be warned – he will pretty much block any quick attacks you throw his way and can chain together flurries of quick attacks himself. The best strategy to beat him is to counter an attack and follow up with a strong attack before backing off and repeating the process.

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Einar – The second fighter is found in the town of Harviken on the island of Faroe, the southeastern of the Skellige isles. This fellow is fast on his feet and is extremely aggressive, constantly progressing on your position. He’ll mix up heavy and quick attacks quite deftly into combos as well, so do your best to keep your distance. The best strategy here is to dodge when he attacks and immediately counter with a quick attack before backing off and repeating until he hits the deck.

Grim – Grim can be found in the town of Arinbjorn on the far western side of the main island of Ard Skellig. Compared to the previous fights, Grim is an easier target. He is quite fast and can rattle off a few punches at you very quickly whilst also being able to counter you if you get greedy with your attacks. Simply dodge when he attacks and immediately counter with a quick attack or two before rinsing and repeating. This tactic will have him tits up in no time.

Olaf – Olaf is the final challenge in this side-quest and is found just northeast of the town of Urialla Harbour on the island of An Skellig, the northeastern of the Skellige isles. He is large and definitely the trickiest of the fighters you’ll face. In addition to bonus health, he has a large range on his melee attacks and can lunge at you from across the arena to attack. As his range is superior to Geralt’s it’s a good idea to do your best to keep your distance as much as possible. The best strategy here is to sidestep/roll to the side when he attacks and immediately chit him with an attack or two in the back before backing off before he can attack again. Keep that up and he’ll be pushing up daisies in no time.

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Note: You’ll earn 25XP and 70 Crowns per win for defeating each of the first three combatants and 50XP and 90 Crowns for defeating Olaf. As you progress through the fights, you’ll also be rewarded with Diagram: The Digger, Diagram: Nilfgaardian Guardsman Armor and a Steel Sword – Gwestog.

Note: For completing this side-quest you’ll earn the ‘Brawler’ achievement/trophy.

Note: Completing this side-quest will automatically kick off the next in the chain ‘Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions’.

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