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The Witcher 3: For Fame and Glory Walkthrough

For Fame and Glory Walkthrough

Warriors just to the south of the road leading west from Larvik on Hinarsfjall, the easternmost island of the Skellige Isles.

As you near this location, a ‘!’ quest icon will appear on the map, make your way off road to reach a pair of Warriors by the entrance to a cave. Following a brief conversation in which you should offer to help, you are tasked with clearing out the mine of monsters.

Enter the mine and follow the pair of warriors here who’ll lead you to a large room filled with Ghouls and Devourers. Try to keep the NPCs alive whilst you fight off the monsters and remember that Devourers will explode when low on health, so stay clear!

After clearing the main room, make your way down the nearby tunnel to find one last enemy – an Alghoul. Defeating this will trigger a final conversation with the warriors which will end the quest.

Make sure you loot the nearby chest before leaving the mines!

Note: For completing the quest, you’ll earn 25XP and 60 Crowns.

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