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The Witcher 3: Hard Times Walkthrough

Hard Times Walkthrough

On the road, around halfway between the ‘Miner’s Camp’ (south of this) and ‘Blandare’ (north of this) fast travel markers.

Whilst travelling the road south of the ‘Miner’s Camp’ fast travel marker and heading towards the town of Blandare, you’ll come across a level 21 Cyclops by a rolled over wagon on the side of the road. Kill the Cyclops and approach the wagon to begin the side-quest.

As you reach the wagon, a large search area will appear on the mini-map. Time to investigate! Stick on Geralt’s Witcher Senses. Doing so will enable you to inspect the following points of interest:

  • Pool of blood by the dead horse by the wagon.
  • Pool of blood by the human corpse by the wagon.
  • Footprints on the far side of the road, opposite the wagon.
  • Blood on the rocks just in front of the footprints.
  • Bulleted list item

After examining the footprints and the blood by them, the search area will shift off road and away from the wagon. With Witcher Sense on, follow the trail of sometimes blood, sometimes footprints to the east.

After a short stroll, you’ll come across a group of five Nekkers. Kill the lot of them before re-activating Witcher Senses and locating the corpse in the middle of the clearing that they had probably been snacking on.

Loot the body for One of them will be holding Letter to Yanne. Read the Letter to Yanne item in the Key Items section of the inventory. This will update your objectives.

With the Letter to Yanne in hand, make your way back to Kaer Trolde and present the letter to the Blacksmith in the Kaer Trolde keep. Note that the Blacksmith will need to be working away at the anvil here in order for you to be able to speak with him. If he’s sitting in a chair nearby, meditate an hour or two until he’s back at the anvil before speaking with him.

Note: For completing the side-quest, you’ll earn 50XP and 20 Crowns.

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