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The Witcher 3: Possession Walkthrough

Possession Walkthrough

Start Location: This quest is acquired automatically upon completing the main quest ‘The King is Dead – Long Live the King’.

To begin this quest, you’ll need to find your way to the town of Svorlag in the centre of the island of Spikeroog (it’s the major north-western island in the Skellige Isles). Head into the large building in the southernmost part of the small town and as you enter the main room a scene will play in which you’ll meet Uldaryk.

Following our conversation, look at the map and make your way to the new objective marker – an abandoned house just to the northwest of the town.

As you approach, you’ll see a yellow investigation zone. Enter the front door of the house and you’ll be able to make out a trap door in the right hand corner (it’s locked but we’ll be back) activate your Witcher Senses. There are footprints on the floor inside.

Follow them down the hall and enter the first door on the right to find a Key on a cabinet. Return to the trapdoor I mentioned earlier and use the Key to open it. Proceed down the ladder and loot the table in here for a new sword – Brokvar.

Note: Whilst you are in the basement, make sure that you light all of the torches, candles and other sources of light – trust me, this will save a bit of effort later on!

Head back up the ladder and follow the footprints round the corner to find Cerys. A conversation will play out where you’ll learn what is going on.

Note: If you didn’t grab the sword earlier, you’ll need to head back into the house and loot the cellar for the sword.

Once you have the sword and Cerys is happy, she’ll lead you back into town to speak with Uldaryk.

You’ll find a small island in the bay just southeast of the town of Svorlag. This is Guarded by 6-7 level 15 Drowners. Wipe them all out and then loot the fellow’s body here for a Note and a Key with Ring Attached – this will activate the side-quest ‘Not Only Eagles Dare’ (which essentially wants us to go to the same place as the ‘Possession’ quest so do them together).

Enter the water and dive under. Note that there are several Sirens swimming around the area who are likely to attack – a crossbow bolt with kill them instantly, so make sure you keep it equipped.

Whilst underwater, activate your Witcher Sense and locate the body just to the east of the small island. Interact with this to update your objectives – we’ll now have to return to Udalryk.

Note: Before returning, activate your Witcher Senses and look for a chest beneath the water a little further to the west of the remains unlock it using the Key with Ring Attached. This will complete ‘Not Only Eagles Dare’ and reward you with some goodies (I received a new chest and legs).

Head back to Udalryk to resume the quest.

Following the conversation, you’ll learn what kind of creature you are dealing with here and during a chat with Cerys, you’ll be able to defeat in one of two ways. Depending on your choice, the remainder of the quest will be quite different.

The two choices include:

  • Option 1 – Tricking it
  • Option 2 – Killing it

Option 1 – Tricking it

Make your way back to the abandoned home with Cerys. Once inside, you’ll need to activate your Witcher Senses and find some things to trick the creature. You can inspect the following:

  • The oven against the left wall as you enter the main door.
  • The plank propped up against a wall in the first bedroom.
  • Painting on the floor in the first bedroom.
  • The baby’s Cradle in the second bedroom.

Once you have inspected enough, Cerys will let you know she has an idea. Exit the house and speak with her.

In the scene that follows you’ll be given a pair of options in a timed decision:

  • Put the object in the oven (Ends the quest)
  • Give the object to Udalryk

Note: Putting it in the oven will end the quest. On the other hand, giving it to Udalryk will force you to use Option 2 – The Witcher’s way to get rid of the creature.

If you placed the object in the oven, you’ll need to fight off three guards after which a scene will play to end the quest.

Note: For tricking the Hym, you’ll receive a Crystallised Essence.

If you gave the object to Udalryk, you’ll need to switch tactics and undertake the Witcher’s way and kill it – if this was your choice, you can continue directly below!.

Option 2 – Killing it (The Witcher’s Way)

To undertake the end of the quest in the Witcher’s way (also known as killing the monster to the max), you’ll need to speak with Udalryk and tell him what you plan to do.

Once you are good to go, head back to the abandoned/haunted mansion once again and look for a small shack to the east of it. Use AARD to blow down the door of the shack and loot the Torches from the floor in the corner.

With the torches in your inventory, enter the target house and use your Witcher Senses in the main area to identify four pillars where we can place Torches (these are also indicated on the mini-map). Interact with all four spots.

Once all of the Torches have been placed, return to Udalryk and speak with him once again.

When you are ready to begin, light all four torches in the room using the IGNI sign. This will start a boss fight.

Boss: Hym

The Hym will appear behind Udalryk within a few moments of the torches being lit. It is quite large and has a decent range on its melee attacks which it will use quite a bit and which are extremely damaging. It can also occasionally disappear and reappear elsewhere (although it does not do it very often). Due to the size of the room in which you fight it there is not a great deal of room to manouver around and as such, you’ll need to use your dodges quite a bit.

The Hym itself is weak against IGNI and due to its limited move set of melee attacks, can be effectively damaged by using your dodge and immediate counter attack. The key is to avoid its attacks and either counter immediately or blast him with IGNI during an opening.

During the point, Udalryk will hide in a corner. If he leaves the area, the Hym will de-spawn. If you do see Udalryk running away, run over to him and use AXII to calm him and have him return to the room.

Once the Hym has taken enough damage, it will retreat to the basement.

In the basement, unless you have lit the torches earlier, the Hym will be pretty difficult to spot. Make a quick lap of the room to quickly activate the torches/candles and other sources of light so you can see the bad guy.

Once it is visible, re-apply the same techniques as above to finish him off. Note that he will use his teleportation move a lot more frequently in the basement, but as long as you are prepared to dodge when you see him disappear, it should prove no real issue.

Note: For defeating the Hym, you’ll receive a Crystallised Essence.

After the fight, a scene will then play to end the quest. At this point, if you have completed ‘The Lord of Undvik’ side-quest previously, the ‘King’s Gambit’ quest will unlock. If not, we’ll need to head over and complete ‘The Lord of Undvik’.

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