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The Witcher 3: Stranger in a Strange Land Walkthrough

Stranger in a Strange Land Walkthrough

Start Location: This quest is acquired automatically upon completing the ‘Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg’ side-quest. This Witcher Contract MUST be completed before ‘King’s Gambit’ side-quest or it will be inaccessible.

The first time you arrive in the Arinbjorn Inn you’ll be confronted by a pair of Skelligers who aren’t too happy about your presence but will leave you alone. Upon returning to the same inn in Arinbjorn to hand in the ‘Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg’ side-quest, as you attempt to leave the unhappy pair will show up again and trigger a new side-quest ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’.

No matter your choice of dialogue, you’ll be immediately thrust into a fight. Kill the pair of aggressors for a scene. Following the next conversation, exit the inn to continue.

Outside, villagers will approach you and another conversation will ensue – choose any options you like; in this scenario the outcome will always be the same. A scene will play.

Note: At this point you’ll earn 50XP.

When we regain control of Geralt we’ll be in a prison beneath Kaer Muire. There is a locked door nearby, an NPC named Simun Brambling and several prisoners in the same holding area with you. We need to escape.

Approach the locked gate and interact with it to speak to a guard. In general we have three options for escaping the cell:

  1. AXII – During the conversation with the guard use AXII on him to trigger the next stage of the side-quest (this will also net you 40XP).
  2. Fight – After speaking with the guard, start a fight with the prisoners in the cell. You’ll need to approach and punch/Sign one of them until they become hostile. There are four level 12s here that you’ll need to fist fight. After defeating them all, the guard will be impressed and you can continue.
  3. Simun – After speaking with the guard, you’ll be able to then speak with Simun at the back of the cell. He’ll tell you how to manipulate the guard into letting you out of the cell by giving you a new conversation option to use on him. Doing so will trigger the next stage of the side-quest.

During the next section of the side-quest we’ll be in one final conversation with Madman Lugos and Leif. During the chat, feel free to choose any conversation options you like as there are no alternate endings/consequences to this side-quest as far as I can tell.

Note: At this point a new side-quest ‘The Cave of Dreams’ will become available.

Note: For completing the side-quest you’ll earn 80XP.

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