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The Witcher 3: The Last Wish Walkthrough

The Last Wish Walkthrough

Start Location: This quest is acquired automatically upon completing the main quest ‘Nameless’.

To begin this quest, you’ll need to find your way to the town of Larvik on the eastern end of the island of Hindarsfjal (it’s the easternmost of the Skellige Isles). Inside the inn here, you will be able to find Yennefer. Speak with her to commence the quest.

After a chat, follow Yennefer out of the bar, through the village and down to the small harbour below Larvik. Approach the indicated sail boat for a scene. Once you are good to go, hop into the boat and interact with the front of the boat to sit down.

Yennefer will pilot the boat out into the sea. She’ll stop at various search zones and ask you to dive to the sea floor in search of some objects of interest.

Note: During these dives you will bump into Drowners. It is impossible to use your Swords or Signs underwater, however you can use your Crossbow – a few hits with this will kill or scare most enemies away!

The first dive spot features an underwater cavern guarded by 3-4 Drowners. Use your Crossbow to deal with them and then explore. Inside you’ll find a couple of lootable chests (they contained Diagram: Knight’s Gauntlets and Manuscript Page: Enhanced Petri’s Philter for me), some Buckthorn and a shipwreck we can examine with Witcher Sense.

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Examining the shipwreck will update your objectives. Return to the ship when ready and re-assume your position sitting on the front to continue.

The second dive spot features a larger ship than the first and has numerous objects that we can inspect with Witcher Sense active. They include:

  • Arrows in the hull on the southeast side of the search area.
  • Buckler shield on the deck on the south side of the search area.
  • Skeleton on the deck of the ship wedged between the two rocky structures.
  • Buckler shield on the deck of the ship wedged between the two rocky structures.

Once you have inspected one of the bucklers, you can return to the ship. Before you do however, you should loot the chest on the deck of the ship wedged between the two rock structures here for an Enhanced Racing Saddle.

Return to the ship when ready and sit on the front again to continue.

Return to the ship when ready and sit on the front again to continue.

As you journey to the third dive spot, there is a good chance you will pick up a Siren. This will follow you all the way until you stop. Use your crossbow to take it down when you reach your destination before hopping into the water and diving once again.

This dive area is much larger than the previous two, but the point of interest is pretty obvious. Swim down into the crater in the centre of the area to find another shipwreck. Again, you’ll want to activate your Witcher Sense and explore the area. You can inspect the following:

  • Body on the eastern side of the crater floor.
  • Basket just south of the shipwreck on the crater floor.
  • Silverware from a crate at the base of the shipwreck.
  • Broken seal just east of the shipwreck.
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Once you have located the broken seal, it’s time to return to Yennefer. Whilst you are down here, there are also a few crates and a chest down here that you may as well loot.

When you return to the ship a scene will play.

When we regain control of Geralt, we’ll be back on land. Make your way over to the shipwreck nearby and search it thoroughly – there are multiple chests about and they have some decent loot (I found Diagram: Mahakman Trousers, Diagram: Blade from the Bits, Manuscript Page: Full Moon and Manuscript Page: Enhanced Hybrid Oil). To continue, we’ll need to investigate the area using Witcher Sense. You can inspect:

  • Jug and Scissors on the floor in the cabin on the main deck.
  • Bottle beneath the stairs leading down to the lower deck.
  • Wand, shoes and jugs on the floor by the bed in the lower deck.
  • Bloodstains on the floor beneath the bookcase by the bed on the lower deck.

Once you have inspected the bloodstains, you can interact with the bookcase they lead to for a scene.

Return to the deck and speak with Yennefer for a conversation to start up a boss fight.

Boss: Djinn

The Djinn can be a pretty tricky adversary as most of its attacks are performed at range and are not necessarily easy to detect as he unleashes them. They consist of a lightning bolt attack and a secondary attack where he’ll lift up planks from the deck and launch them at you. He will also use a teleport/explody type spell where he’ll appear behind you and activate a damaging magic blast.

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The trick to killing the Djinn is to get in close and attack quickly. You can use your AARD and IGNI to attack it from range as well as use bombs such as the Dimeterium Bombs to help. The silver sword is your greatest asset against the Djinn however and it will deal significant damage when it makes contact.

Ensure you pick up the tell-tale signs of his attacks and be sure to get ready to chase after him when he teleports to keep the pressure up. The closer he gets to being defeated, the more frequently he’ll unleash attacks – so you’ll need to be able to dodge/roll accordingly.

Once you have dealt him enough damage, a scene will play and the quest will draw to a close.

Note: For completing this quest you will earn 50XP.

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