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The Witcher 3: The Lord of Undvik Walkthrough

The Lord of Undvik Walkthrough

Start Location: This quest is acquired automatically upon completing the main quest ‘The King is Dead – Long Live the King’.

After receiving this quest, you can go down into the inn in Kaer Trolde and talk with its inhabitants about getting to Undvik. There are a bunch of people in here, but its Javor and Tante who will give you the information to update your objectives.

Unfortunately, unlike the other Skellige Islands there are no fast travel points available automatically on Undvik. This means we need to sail over there. Undvik is the south-western most of the Skellige Isles.

To make it here, you’ll need to grab a boat either from Kaer Torlde Harbour (or from somewhere closer if you have a fast travel point close to a boat). On your way, you are sure to see groups of Echidnas flying about ready to attack you – you should try to circumvent them if you can by giving them a wide berth. If they do attack, exit the boat and jump into the water. Dive underneath and use your crossbow to take them out.

Approaching Undvik form the north or east is a little tricky as there are plenty of small islands and rocks just below the surface in the areas surrounding the island, making it more challenging to navigate than most areas.

When you do make landfall, it’s a good idea to head for Marlin Coast – the town in the northeast corner of the island – to activate a fast travel signpost (we don’t want to have to sail that route again!). When you are good to go, make your way towards the objective marker.

Although there a few roads leading off the beach, there is one main one that most of these will merge into that will lead you to where you need to go. Follow this and as you do you’ll see a scene involving Giant and some Sirens.

At this point, you’ll notice a large ship in a construction yard of sorts. Approaching this will give us an optional objective of investigating the hull. On the south and east side of the ship, you’ll find a hole in the hull which we can climb up to. Venturing into proximity of the large boat will see Geralt attacked by Sirens. Kill them all.

When the coast is clear, climb up into the hull of the ship. There is an NPC in here we can chat with. He’ll plop a new optional objective marker on your map.

Once you are finished with the boat man, exit the hull. Make your way a short distance to the west to find an encampment that has been attacked. We’ll be doing the latter.

As you arrive a yellow search area will appear. At this point we’ll use Witcher Sense to explore. You can inspect the following:

  • A pair of bodies along the road beneath the guard tower.
  • Footprints along the road beneath the guard tower leading west.
  • Drag marks in the dirt leading south.

Note that at this point, you have two choices:

  • Option 1 – Follow the footprints (optional)
  • Option 2 – follow the drag marks

Note: Option 2 is much quicker and easier, but you’ll miss out on a nice Key item, a short side-plot, a friendly ally and some other goodies if you do.

Option 1 – Follow the footprints (optional)

Let’s follow the prints leading west and up the hill. These prints are quite long and as you go you can inspect multiple Nekker corpses and a wooden plank that was used as cover as you go. When you reach the abandoned Village, you’ll be able to follow a trail of footprints and blood stains a little further until you find a corpse.

On the ground beside the body is an item we can loot – Hornwall Horn. We can equip this in one of our item slots and use it to knock flying enemies out of the air. Examining the area near the corpse will reveal another set of footprints leading to a nearby cave.

Enter the cave and use Witcher Sense to spot a trail of blood. Follow it to the left at the first fork and fight off the Ice Troll in the next room. Continue to follow the blood trail through the cave until you reach a ledge you need to climb up.

Cruise down the tunnel a short distance and a scene will kick in with some Ice Trolls. During this scene, you’ll note that there is a fellow in the pot that the Trolls are hanging out with. If we take too long, he’ll die – which is bad. There are two options: answering some riddles or fighting the trolls.

The riddle is the quick way to go (the answer is Troll). This will free the man and give you an ally for the next little while as well.

Return to the encampment where we followed the footprints from. This time, let’s follow the drag marks in the dirt to the south.

Option 2 – Follow the drag marks

From the attacked encampment, you’ll want to find the drag marks leading south. At the end of the trail you’ll find a boat. Kill the Wraith that is guarding it. Look around nearby to find a body which we can inspect to update our objectives.

Follow the small path beyond the body to reach the village of Urskar.

As you arrive a yellow search area will appear. At this point we’ll use Witcher Sense to explore. You can inspect the following:

  • The impaled body on the ground.
  • Giant’s footprints just beyond the impaled body.
  • Human footprints near the Giant’s footprints.

Loot the village clean if you like – there is a chest in the building directly right of the Giant’s tracks. When you are good to go, follow the human footprints up into the nearby hills where they enter a cave. Examine the items outside and the scratches in the rocks here for a few choice words.

Enter the cave and when you reach the cliff, jump into the water below. Quickly swim to solid ground nearby and kill the pair of swooping Eryinas that will attack you (Use AARD to knock them from the sky easily!).

Explore the western side of the room and dive under water here to find a body and a chest to loot. Our real goal however lies in a small passage on the northern end of the cave. If you have Witcher Sense active as you explore you’ll find a dead Eryina and a corpse here.

Climb the ledges behind them and follow the passage at the top. You can use Witcher Sense as you go to keep an eye out for blood trails and bodies to be sure you are going the right way.

When you climb up the second set of ledges, there is a fork – head to the end of the right hand tunnel to find a chest (it had Diagram: Cavalry Boots and Formula: Quebrith for me). Return to the fork and follow the path to the left to continue.

In the middle of the cavern you end up in, you’ll see a tree on a rocky platform surrounded by water. In this room, we want to find a ladder a short distance to the left of the entrance which will take us on to the next area. Before you do though, kill the Harpies in the area and explore the water below to find a few chests:

  • There is a chest lodged in some stalactites on the eastern side of the cavern. You may need to use AARD to remove the rock formation so that you can open it.
  • There is a second chest behind a rock pillar in the far southwest part of the cavern.
  • Another chest is behind a stalagmite roughly west of the tree
  • Beneath the wooden ramp leading out of the water.

For my looting effors I received Diagram: Shiadhal’s Armour, Diagram: Salmian Brigadine, Manuscript Page: Superior Hanged Man’s Venom and a nice new silver sword.

Head back to the entrance and find the ladder I mentioned earlier. Behind this you’ll find a chest. Now Climb all the way up to a new path at the top of the cavern. As soon as you reach the top of the second ladder, look in the dead end to the right for another chest (Manuscript Page: Enhanced Black Blood).

Follow the tunnel until you bump into a pair of Devourers – think more advanced Rotfiends (remember to avoid them when they explode!). There is another fork here – the left leads to a chest (Formula: Northern Wind and Manuscript Page: Enhanced Maribor Forest) and the right leads to another pair of Devourers and the exit of the cave system – which is where we want to go.

As soon as you exit, there will be a building in front of you. Enter this for a scene.

Once the scene ends, loot the room – there are three chests here. As you reach the hallway, watch out for the three Devourers hiding in the open room to the left. Once they are dead, continue down the hall and exit via the hole in the wall on the left side.

Inspect the footprints outside with Witcher Sense. Follow these until you see them split into two directions. Here you can follow either set of tracks (they’ll both end up in the same place). Continue along the path, following the footprints until you reach a town.

When you arrive you’ll find Hjalmar fighting off some Sirens. Help him finish them all off and you’ll be treated to a conversation afterwards.

Once that is over with, we’ll need to follow Hjalmar a short distance until he leads you to a cave. Enter and follow the passage until you reach a scene.

Here you’ll get to make another decision, you can:

  • Free the prisoner
  • Leave the prisoner alone

Note: If you decide to free him, he’ll join Hjalmar at Kaer Morhen later if you complete the ‘Brothers in Arms: Skellige’ quest. If you don’t free him, he will not survive.

If you choose to free the prisoner, we’ll need to loot the chest just to the left of the sleeping Giant. Whilst making your way to the chest, DO NOT step in any of the snow or the crunching sound will wake him up! Stick to the rock path, loot the chest for the Key and then return to the cage to free the prisoner.

This will trigger a boss fight.

Boss: Ice Giant

This battle takes part in two stages. The first stage has the Giant acting like the majority of the larger bosses you’ve fought so far – a nasty melee swinging charge attack, some damaging melee swings and a jump and ground slamming area of effect attack. As per the norm against enemies of this type, use your rolls to avoid the large attacks and take a swing or two when you see an opening. You can use YRDEN to slow his movement even further, attack with QUEN active to tank him briefly before retreating and IGNI will also do a small amount of ranged damage. The sword is where most of your damage will be coming from however so YRDEN/QUEN are the most useful signs to keep in mind here.

If you managed to save both Forlan and Vigi during this quest, both they and Hjalmar will also be with you here and help you out during combat. Whilst Hjalmar is next to invincible, Vigi is not, so try and draw aggro form the boss if he starts to take damage.

Once the Ice Giant hits around 50% health a short scene will play and he’ll equip himself with a chain weapon – that means long range melee attacks! Fortunately, the weapon he has will slow him down significantly – as such if you can draw him into an attack and then side-step it you can easily run in, attack him 2-3 times and run away again before he takes his next swing. Repeat this until he drops.

Note: For defeating the Ice Giant, you’ll receive a Mastercrafted Silver Sword.

At this point you’ll be given the option of leaving immediately or looking around some more. I’d recommend the latter so that you can loot the Giant for some crafting-related goodies and the rest of the room.

When you are done, fast travel to Marlin Coast for a final chat with Hjalmar.

At this point, if you have completed ‘Possession’ side-quest previously, the ‘King’s Gambit’ quest will unlock. If not, we’ll need to head over and complete ‘Possession’.

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