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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: A Game of Gwent Walkthrough

A Game of Gwent Walkthrough

Talk to the threesome sitting at the table, and one fanatic will chase the other two off. Ask him about his war correspondance, what he meant when he mentioned the “Horsewoman of War”, and chat about Novigrad’s future as far as the war is concerned. Once that’s done, go to leave and he’ll ask you to play Gwent with him. For more information on Gwent, check out the heading “Gwent Strategies”.

Play your first match of Gwent with the Scholar, and with any luck you should win. He’s not too bright, despite his name. If you play powerful, diverse unit cards, he’s really got no chance. Just don’t play all your cards in one round-you rarely get to draw new cards. If you build up a comfortable lead (five Strength or more higher) you might just want to pass. This will end the game for you, and there’s a chance he’ll spend himself to victory, but if he does this on the first round, there’s a good chance he just won’t have any cards left to compete with on the next two rounds.

When you win (best two out of three rounds takes the game) you’ll get the “Zoltan Chivay” Card, a Close Combat Card that has no alliance-it can be played in any deck. Sweet. You can also buy more Gwent cards from the Innkeeper-she sells five, including another Foltest Leader Card, three high-Strength cards with the “Tight Bond” special ability (cards that amplify duplicate cards when played together) and a “Decoy” card. In any event, the Scholar will mention a certain “Stjepen” you should look up later in your travels. All this starts the quest “Collect ‘Em All”. Seriously, be sure to buy these cards as soon as you can-you might not be able to later, and missing out on the “Decoy”, “Catapult”, “Blue Stripes Commando” and “Crinfrid Reavers Dragon Hunter” cards would be a shame.

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Objective Reward
For defeating the scholar at Gwent Zoltan Chivay Card

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