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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Bitter Harvest Walkthrough

Bitter Harvest Walkthrough

Start Location: In the battlefield south of the bridge just north of the Hangman’s tree fast travel point.

To begin this quest find the NPC named Albin Hart in the battlefield here. If he won’t talk to you right away, he may be in combat so clear the immediate area (in my game there were a pair of Level 9 Ghouls hanging around).

Keep close to Albin Hart and try to protect him

You will learn about this task from shady merchant in Fake Papers sidequest or simply by reaching the battlefield. Albin Hart will ask Geralt to protect him and his allies while they will steal from the dead men. After the battle starts, try to keep close to Albin and protect him from countless ghoul and rotfiends attacks. Death of Albin doesn’t mean the quest automatically fails, but it might make completing the Fake papers quest much more complicated. When fighting ghouls, eliminate them one after another and don’t give yourself too long breaks, because too many enemies might enter the battlefield. Once the battle is over, take the reward from Albin or other survivors – it will be 20 crowns and 50 experience points.

Important – You should start this quest after you obtain the pass in Fake Papers side quest. The death of Albin Hart will make it impossible for Geralt to buy the pass from the shady merchant.

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