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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Death by Fire Walkthrough

Death by Fire

Use Aard sign to unlock entrance to the hut

In the northern part of the map you will find a group of bandits trying to set fire to a hut in which an elf is hiding (M2,8). Once you get close to the cabin, a short cutscene will start. You can walk away or try to save the elf. In you choose the second option, you must murder all the bandits. They are on 9-10 experience level. Watch out especially for the enemy with a large axe. He is slightly more resistant and he deals more damage.

After the victorious battle, walk to the cabin and use Aard sign in order to unlock the entrance. Save the elf. You will receive 25 experience points for completing this quest. Check the snag behind the hut as well, you will find 20 crowns inside.

Important – Take the opportunity and examine bandits bodies. You will find some high quality gauntlets and a sword.

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