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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Fake Papers Walkthrough

Fake Papers

Using Axii sign is an easy way to lower the pass price.

This task can be started by meeting with the shady merchant in the North part of the map (M2,6). The talker will tell you about a transit pass that can be bought. This item is helpful in passing through the border (side quest Thou Shalt Not Pass). You can obtain it in three different ways. First option is buying the pass for 100 crowns. Second is using the developed Axii sign. It will allow you to take control of mechant’s mind for a moment and convince him to sell you the pass for 50 crowns (40 experience points). Third option is helping merchant’s brother in law in Bitter Harvest quest. If you complete this quest, the merchant will lower the price of the pass by 50 crowns.

Alternative solutions:

  • Starting the Bitter Harvest quest (option 3) is very risky. If, during the battle with ghouls, the brother in law of quest giver will die, the merchant will get angry and won’t sell you the pass even for the full price.
  • If you completed the Bitter Harvest quest before, Geralt will automatically tell the merchantabout the fate of his brother in law.

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