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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Hunting With Mislav Walkthrough

Hunting With Mislav Walkthrough

Now it’s time to check in with Mislav, whose house is outside (south-west of) the village of White Orchard, just south of Odolan’s house. Knock on the door and Geralt will come to the conclusion that the hunter must be out hunting… which seems perfectly reasonable. Use your Witcher Senses to spot some tracks east of the dooor, then follow the meandering path south to find Mislav, who is crouched over, possibly tracking some beastie?

Interrupt him and, after shushing you, he’ll proceed to tell you why Wild Dogs are more dangerous than Wolves, in his silly opinion. Ask him to lead you to where he found the Nilfs and he’ll agree… after he kills the Wild Dogs, who might pose a danger to the village. He’ll then ask us to join him, and… well, it would be a shame if he were to die hunting dogs, so… agree to help him.

Follow Mislav on his crusade and he’ll continue to bad-mouth dogs as you walk. Eventually you’ll stumble across a pack of Wild Dogs, who make all dog-kind look bad by preying on a human. Kill the doggies and Mislav will investigate the body, which belongs to a man he once knew. Ask him about his past if you want to know exactly why Mislav lives outside of the village.

Objective Reward
For hunting with Mislav 350 XP

Next stop is the site where the Nilfs died, which Mislav will lead us to. It’s a bit of a jog to the south west, on the road south-west of his house. Once we get there Mislav will describe the scene, then wish us luck. Activate your Witcher Senses, then investigate the remains of a campfire, the blood, and some bottles, then continue down the road a bit and examine some tracks-older, deeper tracks. Follow the tracks south-west, past the “Broken Bridge” signpost, then over the broken bridge itself. The tracks will veer off the road to the south, uphill, over a few stone ledges, and across another gap you have to jump. Keep heading uphill to find the Griffin’s nest.

Use your Witcher Senses to highlight the dead Griffin and the nest, and search them, examining the dead Griffin’s wounds, determine its age, and its type. All the signs point towards humans being the culprits, and the surviving Griffin-a male whose life-mate was murdered-might just be justified in its rampage. You can also examine a dead body and some bones nearby to learn more. Loot the skeletons in the nest, then a corpse sitting up against a tree before returning to Vesemir in the tavern in White Orchard.

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