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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Master Armorers Quest Walkthrough

Master Armorers Quest Walkthrough

You can start this quest in few ways. The most obvious one is meeting with blacksmith Fergus Graem that can be found in Crow’s Perch (M3,5). Talk about creating a high quality armor for Geralt during the conversation. You will be sent to Undvik in order to search for the blacksmithing tools. Since it’s one of the islands that are part of Skellige islands archipelago, you will be able to continue this quest after unlocking the access to this part of the game world (it will happen as you progress in the main storyline).

After reaching the Undvik island, you must go to clan Tordarroh forge which can be found high in the mountains in the southern part of the island (M21,3). Sadly, it’s not an easy task, as the main western path to the forge ends at some point and Geralt can’t advance any further. This problem can be solved in two ways. First is deciding to walk through a very large cave complex, you can do that by entering one of many available entrances (M21,1). During the cave exploration it is easy to get lost. Additionally, it is very dark there, so you should check your mini-map frequently and use Cat potion.

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Start by setting yourself at the edge of the rock ledge and performing a long jump to the water (don’t be afraid – Geralt won’t die nor receive any damage). After walking out of the water, you will have a long climbing ahead of you combined with the necessity of fighting various monsters (including erynies, devourers and harpies). During the journey through the caves, focus on finding places where you can climb to the higher ledges. Check the main world map frequently so that you don’t get too far from your target destination (the cave has few other exits as well). After a long walk, you should reach the exit that is very close to the forge.

You can reach the forge from the eastern side and pass through the ruined building.

Second option is reaching the forge from the north-eastern side. In this case, the journey starts someplace near the Dorve ruins. Similarly as in the previous case, a rather narrow mountain path leads to the target; however, this one doesn’t end with any obstacle that cannot be bypassed. The path will lead you to a destroyed clan Tordarrog forge building (M21,2). A small group of devourers are there that you must eliminate. After that, you can open from the inside one of the few available doors.

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Kill the rock troll and find the toolbox.

No matter which path you choose, you will reach a small cave where the forge is located (M21,3). A rock troll on the 26th experience level can be found there, so you must be prepared for a pretty hard battle. After killing the troll examine the forge thoroughly. You must find a large chest in which the high-quality smithing tools are stocked.

Now you can leave Undvik and go back to the Crow’s Perch in Velen. Meet again with Fergus. The conversation will be interrupted by general Groenekan. After the general leaves the place, listen to the conversation with Yoana. You will learn that she is responsible for the production of high quality armors. The women will ask Geralt to deliver her a unique alchemy ingredient – archgriffin acid gland. Agree to help her and examine the notice board in the castle. A new witcher contract will be added to the journal – Contract: The Griffin from the Highlands (walkthrough to that contract can be found on a different page of this guide).

Important – If you have killed any arch griffin earlier and already have its gland, then you can immediately attend the final part of this quest.

After killing the griffin obtain its acid gland.

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After killing the archgriffin you must search its corpse and take Archgriffin Acid Gland. Go back with it to the Crow’s Perch and meet again with Yoana. During the conversation agree to participate in a test of the armors’ durability during which armors created by Fergus and Yoana will be tested (you must simply stand in one place and wait for general to use his crossbow. Yoana’s armor will prove to be much better.

Once the test ends, Yoana will promise to make a unique armor for Geralt. The woman will need around one day to create it, so it is best to use meditation. Go back to Yoana and take the Witch Hunter’s Armor from her.

Important – From now on you can order best armors from Yoana (of course, you must have diagrams for them).

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