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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Monster Nests Walkthrough

Monster Nests Walkthrough

There are two Monster Nests we can destroy now, and by doing so we can consider all the north-eastern part of the map more or less complete. First, and obviously is the one near the Place of Power by the battlefield. Simple enough, fast travel to Cackler Bridge, walk up to the nest (destroy any Ghouls who may have respawned in your absence) and with the Samum bombs equipped, simply walk up to the nest and press [X]. Walk away like a badass and let the nest explode, then loot the remains of the nest.

The second nest is near where we began the game. Head south-east across the battlefield, through the ruined camp, and to the road beyond. From here continue south, pass over another, smaller road, and head downhill to find another Ghoul Nest (this is south-east of the Crossroads signpost). Eradicate any Ghouls and repeat the process above. Looting nests should earn you a Gold and Ruby Ring, which is worth a bit of coin, but can also be broken down into a Gold Nugget and a Ruby. All in all, it might be a better idea to hang onto them, in case you need to scrap them later.

Objective Reward
For destroying a Ghoul Nest 20 XP
For destroying… another Ghoul Nest! 20 XP

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