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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Notice Board Walkthrough

Notice Board Walkthrough

Leave the tavern, whereupon you’ll discover that the thugs who occupied the tavern earlier are waiting for you outside. Hatred of Witchers tends to come paired with the lack of sense to avoid provoking them. And so it is in this case, as well. A fight ensues regardless of what action you pick in response to them, but if you use the Axii Sign you can earn some extra experience and take one of them out of the fight. Wisely, they choose fisticuffs as their weapons, so smack them around.

Objective Reward
For using the Axii Sign on the Thug 40 XP
For beating up the Thugs 350 XP

It’s finally time to start exploring-the Nilfgaardians can wait, they’re not going anywhere any time soon. We’ll start with the town, where one would expect to recieve plenty of work, and then move on to exploring the wilderness, focusing on points of interest as we go. Whenever possible our area of exploration will be centered around a nearby Signpost (which also double as a fast travel locations), but when that’s not concise enough, geographic features (a battlefield, a swamp, a village) or simple directional bias (the north-eastern corner of the map) will be used.

Anywho, first things first, head down the road from the tavern to the east a bit-there are a few containers near the stables worth looting, but as a general rule every box, crate, and sack won’t be pointed out (unless they have something particularly note-worthy inside, of course)-where you’ll find your old pal the Merchant. You remember him? He was almost eaten by a Griffin. Seems he salvaged some of his stock, but wagon repairs take time and are expensive, so he’s eager to sell off what goods he has while he waits. While it’s nice to catch up with him, he doesn’t really sell much of interest… unless you installed the Temerian Armor DLC, in which case, he’ll have a full set of that gear in his inventory. It’s the best armor we’ll immediately have access to, and if you’ve got the coin, it’s worth buying.

Turn around and follow the road west, looting houses and grabbing herbs as it pleases you. It’s a good way to score some food, components, and perhaps a few Orens. Posted on a tree to the south of the road you’ll find the notice “Wanted: honeycombs. Will pay top coin. Large quantities welcome. Tomira, the herbalist.” Good to know.

Continue west until the road forks. At the fork you’ll find the Notice Board-that staple of Witcher games which bestows quests upon us. Even better, just looking at the Notice Board (even without taking any of the notices) will update your map with a variety of “Undiscovered Locations”. These range from Monster Nests, Guarded Treasures, Bandit Camps, and other optional places worth exploring to score loot and experience. The notices worth grabbing are “Contract: Devil by the Well” which starts a quest of the same name, and “Brother Missin” which starts “Missing in Action”. If you save and reload your game, new notices will appear, but since none of them start new quests, there’s not much point in bothering.

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