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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: On Death’s Bed Walkthrough

On Death’s Bed Walkthrough

Head out of the garrison and use the “Nilfgaardian Garrison” signpost to fast travel to the “Sawmill” signpost. From here, head east over a hill to find the herbalist’s house, which we can now enter. Unsurprisingly, there’s a fair amount of herbs to loot outside. Take what you wish, then head inside.

Talk to Tomira and ask about her past to find out that she studied under one Nenneke, until a boy-and a related summer of passion-ruined all that. Next ask her about Claer, and the she will tell the story about what happened there. Not really anything we didn’t already know, but to prevent things from ending on a bad note, she gives us some goodies. If you haven’t already harvested it, you can also ask Tomira about the Buckthorn you’ll need to serve as bait for the Griffin.

Objective Reward
For asking Tomira about Claer 10 XP
Saltpeter x4
Berbercane Fruit x8
Hellebore Petals x8
Corinarius x6

Ask about the injured woman and she’ll confirm that she’s another victim of the Griffin. The victim is terminal, and beyond the herbalist’s power… but perhaps not beyond a Witcher’s potions. The risks are serious, however, as… well, there’s a reason the Witchers go through the training they do. Those mutations aren’t just to increase their reaction times-it also allows them to withstand their own potions. Offer to help her and the herbalist will point out the obvious-she’s dead either way. The choices are between an easy death at the hands of the herbalist, an agonizing death under the influence of a Witcher’s potion, or possibly, a full recovery.

Exit the conversation, then prepare a Swallow potion via your Alchemy menu. We should have more than enough ingredients for this by now. Once done, talk to Tomira again and pick the option “Got a potion for Lena.” We won’t see the outcome, as the potion will take longer to affect a normal human, but the rewards are immediate. Tomira decides she likes us, and decides to give us a reward. For giving a damn. It’s a pretty hefty reward, too. Reading the book she gives you will update the bestiary with an entry on Nightwraiths and Plague Maidens. Score.

Objective Reward
For giving a damn 350 XP
50 Crowns
Venom Extract x2
Manuscript Page: Cursed Oil
Of Sweat and Blood

Finally… as an herbalist, she sells herbs. Amazing, right? She also sells formula for White Gull and Troll Decoction, should you need them. Sadly, she won’t give us a good deal on herbs we wish to sell, but she will pay 18 Crowns per Honeycomb. If you were diligent about searching for it, earlier, you could have a couple dozen of them, which will solve our money issues for a while… even if you have to rest a bit to get her to replenish her cash.

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